The Flying Tent Project, Concept building design, The possibility of an island contest

The Flying Tent Concept Building

Conceptual Architecture design by BABELstudio, Architects, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

7 Feb 2012

Date of design: 2012-
Design: BABELstudio

Being a contribution to a limited edition architecture magazine entitled ‘The possibility of an island’, the design reconceives the common ideas of travelling and shelter.

The Flying Tent
image from BABELstudio

The Flying Tent

The flying tent is the conception of a brief escape, a possibility of an island, a minimal container for its inhabitants drifting over landscapes and towns.

Designed as a lightweight structure it is organized into two levels: an entrance area, a kitchen unit and a cocoon serving as a bathroom constitute the first level. A sleeping area, studio and a playing area are organized as an open space on the second level. Technical units are integrated in the slaps, containing the technical infrastructure, fresh water supply and an efficient battery.

The facades are competely transparent, views to the passing landscape are not restricted by no form of framework, the surroundings can float through this conceptual building design.

The Flying Tent image / information from BABELstudio

Location: San Sebastian, Northeast Spain, southwestern Europe

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