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Treehouse Building Concept Design

Treehouse Design by Sybarite, architecture studio, in Wiltshire / Gloucestershire

25 Nov 2009

Treehouse Architecture

Architect: Sybarite, London, UK (Simon Mitchell, Torquil McIntosh)

Location: Wiltshire & Gloucestershire, western England, UK

Modular Tree Dwelling

Completed: Conceptual, 2002

Treehouse Building Treehouse Building Design
pictures from architect

Designed to develop a flexible planning arrangement and encourage a more organic approach to country living. Architecturally, the design evolves from the underside, to the interior and then outwards concentrating on views and aspects above the tree horizon. The ‘belly’ of the tree house accommodates undulating kinetic baffles that utilise wind power to generate electricity.

The flexible plan form comprised of modular prefabricated sections enables the overall size to vary from a single bedroom house up to a five bedroom model. The prefabricated design can be installed on site within two weeks, is extremely lightweight, uses many recycled products, is 80% self-sustainable and extremely low on maintenance.

Treehouse Design – Building Information

Internal Floor Area: 300m² (3 wing module as illustrated)
Roof Terrace: 200m²
Estimated cost: £1 million

Treehouse images / information from Sybarite

“Sybarite creates spaces which blend fashion and function. Our work is bespoke, distilling the DNA of a brand to convey its character through design.”

Sybarite has worked with regional planning authorities and property developers in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire to develop this modular tree house.

Location: Wiltshire / Gloucestershire, west England, UK

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Treehouse Building

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, New Zealand
Architects: Peter Eising and Lucy Gauntlett (Pacific Environments Architects Ltd.)

Yellow’s ambitious advertising campaign to build a real restaurant ten metres high in a redwood tree has been completed.

The striking pod-shaped structure was open to the public for a limited time from 9 January to 9 February 2009, and restaurant guests will be hosted by the face of the campaign, Tracey Collins.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant
photo : Lucy Gauntlett
Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

Sybarite Designs

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Treehouse Architecture Competition

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