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Sphere Shelter : Concept Design

Sphere Shelter – design by Felix Stark : Architecture Information

14 Aug 2010

Sphere Shelter

Recycling concept Sphere

The concept of Sphere allows for a step by step recycling once its original function has come to an end.

Sphere Shelter Sphere Shelter Sphere Shelter
The idea is based on the experience that any kind of building materials are rare in disaster areas and that available materials are used for purposes other than intended. With Sphere, a change in the use of the materials is intended as part of the life cycle of the product right from the beginning.

Next to each of the eyelets, which are needed for the assembly of Sphere, there is another eyelet. If the canvas cover is separated along the cut line, this results in “tarps”, in other words waterproof tarpaulins with eyelets. These multifunctional tarpaulins can be used in a variety of ways, and can, for example, be helpful in restoration, building work and agriculture.

The tent poles can be stuck one into the other to create poles of any desired length. The inner tent is made of Ripstop material which won’t rip any further once cut to the desired length and can therefore be cut to size without it fraying.

Sphere Shelter Sphere Shelter

Once there is no more use for the material, the best parts can be recycled into secondary resource material.

Felix Stark

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Sphere Shelter