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WWF Observation Cabins Competition 2021

Architecture Contest organised by Young Architects Competitions

26 Mar 2021

WWF Observation Cabins Design Competition

WWF Observation Cabins by YAC, Orbetello, Italy

YAC – Young Architects Competitions – and WWF launch WWF OBSERVATION CABINS, a competition of ideas aiming to design some observation points and a visitors’ center for the WWF Oasis of Orbetello as a unique space to protect and safeguard nature.

WWF Observation Cabins Competition

The cash prize of € 15, 000 will be distributed to the winning proposals selected by an international jury panel made of, among the others: Kazuyo Sejima (SANAA), Sou Fujimoto, Simon Frommenwiler (HHF), Patrick Lüth (Snøhetta), Raulino Silva, Mariana de Delás , Nicola Scaranaro (Foster+Partners), Giulio Rigoni (BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group).

WWF Orbetello Italy nature - birds


Soil consumption, deforestation, poaching. If the numerous species living on Earth had a voice, there would be a deafening cry of pain rising from deserts, mountains, burning forests and polluted skies.

In the fight for the protection of ecosystems there are no winners or losers. Yet, human beings seem to linger. While the delicate balances supporting this planet are eroding, anachronistic economic systems linger over reversing course of a race for a progress with no future and a wealth with no tomorrow.

WWF Orbetello Italy nature - birds

This is the awareness at the base of WWF’s initiatives. For sixty years, WWF has been giving voice to the silent cry of those who have none to ask for help. WWF’s oases were created to achieve this goal. They aim at protecting the abundance of this planet and the right to exist of every living creature.

However, there is no protection without knowledge. There is no conservation without access. Protecting means giving access to the wonders of Mother Nature. This is because only by enjoying the existing beauty one can fall in love with it and only by falling in love with it one can become an active player in defending our planet.

WWF Orbetello Italy nature - birds

This is the goal of WWF Observation Cabins. This is YAC’s and WWF’s competition to support one of the most ancient WWF’s oases. Such competition aims at creating a place where to raise awareness, where visitors can reconcile with nature by enjoying and acknowledging the beauty that lies where human beings manage to remain silent and listen.

Thanks to this competition architects will have the opportunity to play a crucial role in defending the planet designing observation points and a visitors’ center. Such elements will stand for a perfect combination of species, training place and beauty. This place will be a space to protect and safeguard nature.

This competition aims to rediscover the main identity of architecture, namely being a “tamed” nature where human beings can be moved by bright sunsets, be amazed by flying pink flamingos or tremble at the freezing touch of west breezes.

WWF Orbetello Italy nature - birds


WWF Observation Cabins Competition Orbetello Italy nature - birds


1st  PRIZE 8.000 €

2nd   PRIZE 4.000 €

3rd  PRIZE  2.000 €

2 GOLD MENTIONS  500 €  each



WWF Observation Cabins Competition site - Orbetello Italy nature - birds


15/03/2021 “early bird” registrations-  start

11/04/2021 (h 23.59 GMT) “early bird”registrations- end

12/04/2021 “standard”registrations-   start

09/05/2021(h 23.59 GMT) “standard” registrations- end

10/05/2021 “late” registrations- – start

06/06/2021 (h 23.59 GMT) “late” registrations- end

09/06/2021 (h 12.00- midday- GMT) Materials submission deadline

More information at: www.youngarchitectscompetitions.com

Contact: [email protected]

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