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Ostrowscy Architekci Submission for Guggenheim, Finland

Finland Architectural Contest – design by OSTROWSCY ARCHITEKCI


Submission for Helsinki Guggenheim Competition

Ostrowscy Architekci Submission for Guggenheim

15 Dec 2014

Ostrowscy Architekci Submission for Guggenheim in Helsinki

The assumption of the project of Guggenheim Helsinki Museum is to obtain an attractive shape of the building, creating an innovative scene for exhibition space arrangement. The building design is provided with the scale and form appropriate for its function considering the characteristic coastal location.

The fundamental assumption of the project is to create an object marking its presence in the city, while avoiding to obscure the panorama.

Shaping the mass of the building
Geometric correction process is carried out on a cuboid to make maximum use of its plains for utility purposes. The building shaped this way integrates the interior with exterior functions.

The entrance zone is generated by moving the northern facade inside, creating a public square with representative arcades inviting to enter the museum.

Ostrowscy Architekci Submission For Guggenheim

Two extreme corners are pulled up to different heights, creating a dominant from the bay side, and a raised entrance zone from the city side. The dominant fulfills the role of an viewing terrace over the city and the bay, providing a reference point for the watercraft. The bends and slopes resulting from the geometric transformation allow the visitors access to leisure and entertainment functions located on the roof of the building. To gain parking space on the premises, the western elevation is bent toward the inside of the structure creating arcades along its entire length.

Functional layout
The museum design is based on the principle of distribution of functions relative to their accessibility requirement. The fundamental, common exhibition function has been designed as an open ramp which starts in the entrance zone on the ground floor, and runs alongside the building up to the level +1. Above, the ramp takes the form of triangular galleries decreasing from one floor to another, open to the inside. The proposed exhibition layout is aiming at visitor-friendliness, with the visit becoming more and more attractive with every floor. A multifunctional counter designed along the ramp from the side of the opening to the patio, includes information desk, ticket offices, locker rooms, rental of visual information equipment, as well as medical care point.

Ostrowscy Architekci Submission For Guggenheim

The viewing terrace located on the last floor is also the last stage of visiting. The way back to the exit is made by going down in the elevator to the floor +1, and walking along the ramp to the ground floor, where a restaurant and a souvenir shop are located. Thereby, the incomer and leaver ways have been separated, with the possibility for non-visitors to enter the restaurant directly from the external passage.
The roof is occupied by culture and entertainment area adjusted to events, picnics, and outdoor concerts. A blackbox located in the raised part of the entrance zone is accessible from the roof level.

An additional tourist attraction is a cableway which links the museum area with the adjoining park hill, making its way by the shortest route along the diagonal set in the space between the building cubature specially formed for that purpose.

The service functions (administration, office, storage facilities) are located in areas closed to visitors on the ground floor, in the southern part of the building, directly under the exhibition ramp. In order to obtain higher storage rooms, a partial basement is projected.

Ostrowscy Architekci Submission For Guggenheim

Ecological solutions
With its sustainable solutions, the building represents exceptional environment-friendly and user-friendly capabilities. Based on the LEED sustainable construction principles, the project guarantees environment protection and comfort for its future users. The ecological solutions applied will allow optimize the maintenance costs thanks to the water and electricity saving systems. Above wind power utilization and rainwater accumulation, the building mass is provided with ventilation and air-conditioning systems of maximum heat recovery, as well as with energy efficient lighting.

Ostrowscy Architekci Submission For Guggenheim

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