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Guggenheim Submission

Finland Architectural Contest – design by Smith Scott Mullan Associates Ltd

8 Dec 2014

Guggenheim Submission for Helsinki

Design: Smith Scott Mullan Associates Ltd

New Views on the City

The Guggenheim building proposal visually engages the city centre to the North, connects to the new ferry terminal to the South, reaches out with direct high level links to Observatory building in Tahititornin Vuori Park in the West, courts the harbour to the East with a promenade and reaches across the water to focus on cultural references such as the Uspenskin Cathedral and the international sea traffic.

Guggenheim Submission

The building has been sliced and divided creating a diagonal glazed slash through the building which connects a view from the Observatory to the Cathedral. The North half of the building steps back from the water and with a tiered public landscaped garden, provides an enclosed living room for the city in the winter while the Southern half opens up to the park and the long summer days.

Guggenheim Submission

The orientation of the gallery spaces within the building reinforce the idea of the museum siting as the central focus point within a network, as each varied space provides views of something particular to Helsinki and vice versa. This will allow the art and architecture on display to be anchored within the unique context of the building and city.

Guggenheim Submission

The proposal is to create a dynamic facade and internal experience that anchors the visitor, the space and the collective experience within a network of definiteive cultural links and views.

Guggenheim Submission

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Guggenheim Submission for Helsinki Finland

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