Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Submission, Building Competition Entry, Architecture Design, images

Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Submission

Finnish Architectural Contest – entry by Adelfio Anello Architetti

29 Apr 2015

Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Submission

Design: Adelfio Anello Architetti

Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Submission

Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Submission

We have chosen to give a narration to our proposal and to follow the skipping on from ideas to sensations determining a shape made of warm and cold geometries that can crouch on the soil and sharply design a new presence.

Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Submission

We have thought of a sense of imagination and reflection in their ongoing exchange through which it can still be possible to build new pieces of reality so that our world of experiences can be modified and made richer. Intending these pieces as those through which the community can recognise itself in history, projecting onto such architectures meanings and memories where these pieces of the city are seen as “works of art “.

Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Submission

Our Landmark has always been lying in the harbor, its vertebral column is the basic archaeological shape for this new an innovative space. Moving beyond art and masses, discovering landscape through geometries that rise up from a single and creative moment of composition.

Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Submission

Touching the museum from the sea, arriving inside of it and ….
Its not only a Guggenheim Museum, it is a square, it is a multidimensional of a museum engaging an active life with the surrounding port and activities as well as the green hill and the sea. It is a piece of the city with a key role in awaking the senses of the visitors through an architecture of potentialities to be explored continuously.

Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Submission

This museum won’t be a simple container of art works, but a “small village” capable of making a strong relationship between the artists and the landscape and between the artistic works and the visitors inside this modern “huts”.
We wish our museum to enhance the experimentation of ideas and installations that it can suggest through active collaborations between curators and artists.

Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Submission

Based on a design that embodies a rhythmic spatial flux we achieve a truly urban connotation of the development together with the need for good quality and accessibility to all that we have implemented in the constant interplay of living over the museum and the landscape. The functionality, and ecological sustainability will be organized within the concept of well – being throughout the life cycle thinking due to optimized consumption and production systems that are contained within the capacity of the ecosystem.

Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Submission

Five points sign our proposal for new Guggenheim Helsinki:
– Touching a vision…
– The museum is a “new square” for the people that will walk inside of it and above it,
flooding inside at any time of the day. The vision is clear, balanced in the “beeing
within” and becoming an architectural presence of a place and its opposite.
–  This modern “cultural village” for arts and design is conceived as a symbolic
representation of the future Helsinki and its contemporary vision.
– A unique promenade that brings spaces, functions, geometries to absorb the
surrounding landscape and port activities and makes the Guggenheim Museum become
a hinge between the sea and the city.
– Un urban footprint that becomes a cultural expression of universal values.

Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Submission

Guggenheim Helsinki Museum – Building Information

Enrico Anello

Nestor Bokuchava
Giovanni Di Maria
Riccardo Mancuso
Claudio Piazza
Antonella Spitaleri

Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Submission

Guggenheim Helsinki Museum Proposal

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