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EeStairs Design Competition

Corporate Staircase + Repeatable Balustrade Winning Proposals: Architectural Contest

25 Mar 2016

EeStairs Design Competition Winners

University of Warsaw architecture students and German industrial designer revel in EeStairs Design Competition success

Corporate Staircase category winner:
Design: 4A Four Architects, architecture students from Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
EeStairs Design Competition

4A Four Architects:
EeStairs Design Competition

Repeatable Balustrade category winner:
Design: Cornelius Comanns, German industrial designer
EeStairs Design Competition

Cornelius Comanns:
EeStairs Design Competition

The second edition of the EeStairs Design Competition, which was created to shine a light on the very best up-and-coming designers in the world, has reached its climax. The competition challenged entrants to trace the evolution of the staircase, designing a stair to inspire a workspace, or a balustrade that was the perfect balance of functionality and style. From a pool of over 220 entries from across the world, the winners of the EeStairs Design Competition have been revealed.

A team of architecture students from Warsaw University of Technology in Poland, with the team name ‘4A Four Architects’ entry, Möbius, has won the Corporate Staircase category. German industrial designer, Cornelius Comanns’ design, Sine, has beaten numerous stellar entries in order to be crowned the winner of the Repeatable Balustrade category at the prize giving ceremony held at the citizenM hotel in Rotterdam on Friday 4 March. The hotel features a bespoke timber statement staircase created by EeStairs, whose headquarters are located in Barneveld, the Netherlands.

Corporate Staircase category winner – ‘Möbius’:
EeStairs Design Competition

“4A Four Architects Möbius design is a physical representation of the interconnectivity that must exist in a workplace,” explains Cornelis van Vlastuin, Creative Director of EeStairs. “Although colleagues are often separated physically over different floors in the workplace, creating a feature to draw them together can be the perfect way to develop a team atmosphere. With no beginning and no end the Möbius staircase represents the fluidity of the workforce and how they must all come together for the business to flourish.”

The design allows users to connect with each other by making eye contact from any point on the stair, becoming a sculptural element demanding attention and inviting you to explore the upper floors.

The Sine balustrade, by Cornelius Comanns, captures the essence of a Repeatable Balustrade – it is both feasible to manufacture and uncompromisingly stylish. As users walk past the balustrade the shapes change gracefully, moving almost like ripples in the water. Put simply, it is beautiful.”

Repeatable Balustrade category winner – ‘Sine’:
EeStairs Design Competition

EeStairs Design Competition

EeStairs Design Competition

Sine features rows of twisted bars, which create the visual appearance of a complex wavey surface, an effect that could otherwise only be produced with considerable effort.

Students and young designers from around the world submitted their designs, before the judging panel then broke down the entries to create a shortlist of three nominees in each category. The judging panel was comprised of professionals from the worlds of architecture, product design and media – including:

– Sean Hatcher, Design Director of MCM Architecture
– Armin Ganguly-Hiebert, Director at Ganguly Architects
– Joe Stuart, Senior Design Engineer & Project Manger at
– Amy Frearson, Deputy Editor of Dezeen
– Geoff Packer, Designer at EeStairs

The judges of the competition were extremely impressed with the designs. Armin Ganguly-Hiebert, founder of Ganguly Architects, who was on the competition’s judging panel said: “I was very pleased by the overall high standard and quality of inspirational works produced by the talented designers.

It was exciting to see designs pushing the limits and providing original and fresh new solutions for corporate staircases and particularly innovative solutions for repeatable balustrade designs.

As a judge it was a big challenge deciding which design should be successful in reaching the final. I am very happy with the shortlisted final nominated designs and would like to say thank you to all the students and young designers involved in the competition.”

Following the creation of the judges’ shortlist, the EeStairs Design Competition was opened up to a public vote where anyone could choose their favourite design. The judges’ scores and the public vote were then combined to reveal the winner.

Cornelis van Vlastuin adds: “For us it is vital to open the competition to a public vote, after all, architecture and design make up the environment all around us and should be full of features to inspire and be enjoyed.”
Each of the winners will receive a £2,000 cash prize and the runners up will receive a £100 consolation prize. All of the nominees will enjoy a trip to the Netherlands, which includes a tour of EeStairs headquarters in Barneveld.

Location: citizenM hotel, Rotterdam

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