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REVERENCE: Memorial Structure Design Competition

31 August 2021, 2200 hrs: registration deadline

31 August 2021, 2359 hrs: submission deadline

As the stealthy novel coronavirus lashed out at the world, several hands came together to fight it. Clad in PPE kits and putting their lives at risk, our very own Avengers assembled.

We were protected by the conscious efforts of health workers, the police, local businesses, paramedics, pilots, the milk delivery guy, garbage collectors: the list is truly endless. The catastrophe is nowhere near an end, but our frontline workers put on a happy face and strive on.

Architecture Competitions - Memorial Structure Design Competition

REVERENCE: Memorial Structure Design Competition

2A Continental Architectural Awards in 2021

1 Sep 2021: submission closes

The 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA) is a stage designed to appreciate the pioneering works of architecture, planning practices, and design. Through the relentless efforts of Ahmad Zohadi, the Award seeks to recognize and encourage architecture concepts that effectively address the needs and objectives of societies – all over the globe.

2A Continental Architectural Awards 2021

WARMING Competition by arch out loud

4 Sep 2021 (11:59pm EST): regular entry deadline

5 Sep 2021 (11:59pm EST): submission deadline

WARMING architecture competition 2021

Overall Winner prize: $5,000 + Book Feature + Press Publications

Our world is changing.

Imagine Mumbai and Miami permanently underwater, hurricanes frequently clashing against Manhattan and Manila, devastating droughts in Los Angeles and London, and fires running rampant in Sydney and San Francisco.

WARMING Competition

Epidemic Urbanism Initiative Design Competition

6 Sep 2021: deadline

Call for Submissions

The Epidemic Urbanism Initiative (EUI) is pleased to announce a forthcoming design competition, “Designing for Health and Equity: Supporting Vulnerable Communities in the Post-Pandemic Age,” with submissions due September 6, 2021. We write to you in the hope of sharing this call with students, faculty, and colleagues at your school.

The goal of this design competition is to provide a setting for collaboration between students, teachers, designers, thinkers, architects, artists, and practitioners from a range of disciplines and fields in order to create and discuss conceptual design ideas that explicitly promote healthy places for vulnerable communities.

This design competition will seek submissions in four categories: senior housing, community clinics, neighborhood schools, and public parks. Each design category will be reviewed by three jurors consisting of faculty and professionals from various countries and disciplines.

Shortlisted projects will be announced on October 1, 2021 and will be discussed by the jury and guest commentators in final review meetings for each topic on:

• Friday, October 8, 12-1pm US Eastern Time: Senior Housing
• Saturday, October 9, 12-1pm US Eastern Time: Community Clinics
• Friday, October 15, 12-1pm US Eastern Time: Neighborhood Schools
• Saturday, October 16, 12-1pm US Eastern Time: Public Parks

Deadline: September 6, 2021

The Drawing Board Architecture Competition

9 Sep 2021: submission deadline

The 6th edition of The Drawing Board – an annual international competition for architecture & design students. One who is currently studying or has recently graduated from architecture or design course can participate in this architectural competition. There is no entry fee and 3 winning teams receive prizes worth Rs. 1,10,000/-.

This year’s challenge is about understanding and taking pride in Maharashtra’s 800-year-old tradition called ‘Wari’, which involves a journey to a significant place of religious importance. The brief document has been attached with this email. For more information, please visit –

TDB was conceptualized by Mr. Suhas Lunkad, CMD, Rohan Builders and Ar. Sanjay Mohe, Partner, Mindspace Architects to provide a platform for budding architects and designers, to test and enhance their understanding and skills in shaping the way communities live and thrive while preserving local heritage.

The design challenge allows the students to put their creativity into action to find architectural solutions for real-life situations. The designed solutions are then judged by renowned & respected architects. Hosted annually, the competition finale is a gala affair where eminent juries from different countries guide students and eventually help them become the star architects that they aspire to be.

arch8 Re-Vision Design Competition 2021

(15 August 2021 : registration deadline)

20 August 2021: submission deadline

arch8 Re-Vision competition 2021

Total cash prize worth 15,000 INR

arch8 Re-Vision Design Competition 2021

Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021

(27 July 2021: Standard Registration deadline – 45 EUR/team)

18 August 2021: Late Registration deadline- 55 EUR/team

Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021

This Internships competition is international and involves unbuilt projects that were designed by students and graduates from all over the world during their career, and can be expressed as university projects, personal projects or graduation projects.

Young Visionary Architecture Competition 2021

Nikola-Lenivets Art Park Architecture Competition, Russia

6 June 2021 : applications deadline

Art Park Nikola-Lenivets Architecture Contest, Maslenitsa Russia

International open call for the best concept of an art object for Maslenitsa 2022 in Nikola-Lenivets

Art Park Nikola-Lenivets (Russia, Kaluga region) announces an international competition for the best concept of an art object for Maslenitsa 2022. Artists, architects, designers, directors, programmers and all creative people are invited to participate.

Winner’s prize: 100,000 rubles (including taxes)

Nikola-Lenivets Art Park Architecture Competition

‘HOME’ 2121 Future Architecture Competition

The timeline of the Home_2121 Competition has been updated:

(11 June 2021: Standard Registrations)

28 July 2021: Late registrations

All deadlines are 11:59 PM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

HOME 2121 Future Architecture Competition

Portable Isolation Unit Architecture Competition

(11 July 2021: registration deadline)

25 July 2021: submission deadline

Portable Isolation Unit Architecture Competition

The world is battling against the newly discovered Coronavirus or COVID19 and many similar diseases spread through human contact are very contagious.

There had been a huge rise in the cases in India in April reaching around a total of 15 Million Positive and a death toll of around 181K.

Portable Isolation Unit Architecture Competition

Concrete in Architecture Competition

12 July 2021: Registrations Deadline

15 July 2021: Submissions Deadline

12 August 2021: Results announcement

Brief: Concrete in Architecture Competition

YAC Arctic Hotel Competition News

Location: Rovaniemi, Finland

911 July 2021: Late registration deadline – 115 €/ team)

14 July 2021: Material submission deadline

YAC Arctic Hotel Competition 2021

There will be a total amount of 15.000 Euros in prize money for the awarded proposals and the jury of the competition gathers outstanding international personalities like Angelo Micheli (AMDL Circle), Rodrigo Duque Motta, Dagur Eggertsson (Rintala Eggertsson), and many more.

YAC Arctic Hotel Competition

International Competition for the Development Plan of the Old HANGLAS Site, South Korea

(12 June 2021: participation registration)

12 July 2021 by 17:00: entry submission

Old Hanglas Site International Competition South Korea

The chosen site used to be the location for the old HANGLAS factory (established in 1979). The factory has since moved to another site and the old factory has been demolished. The site is currently being prepared for the establishment of a prenegotiated district unit plan that responds to progressive societal changes and contemporary social demands.

Old Hanglas Site International Competition

24H competition 38th edition – culturEart

3 – 4 July 2021

24H competition 38th edition - Architecture Competitions

The heart of culture will be the epicenter of all emotions, this Sacred place of wisdom and knowledge that feeds a people and moves them forward. Here minds are opened, and the reason is challenged.

(22 June at 23:59 – Fee € 30: Regular registration period deadline)

3 July at 11:59 – Fee € 35: Late period of registration deadline

After the competition start – Fee € 50

3 to 4 July 2021 from 12:00 noon (London GMT + 0:00)

24H competition

Garage Screen summer cinema 2022 contest, Moscow area, Russia

4 July, 2021: applications deadline

Garage Screen summer cinema 2022 Moscow
photo courtesy of organisers

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art announces the launch of the third open competition for the development of the architectural concept for Garage Screen summer cinema. The winning project will be built in 2022.

Garage Screen summer cinema 2022 architecture competition

Eurasian Prize 2021 Calling for Entries

30 June 2021: submission deadline

Eurasian Prize 2021 Architecture Competitions

The XVI season of the international competition-festival of architecture and design “Eurasian Prize” started. The Festival supports such an interesting project as COMPETITION EURASIAN PRIZE 2021, the largest in the Eurasian area. The mission of the EURASIAN PRIZE is to discover, encourage and promote of concepts and projects, that answer our Festival slogan: Innovation For Sustainable Architecture For The Good Of Humanity.

(31 May 2021: Final Entry Deadline)

30 June 2021: Last Minute Entry Deadline

Register before 30 April 2021 and take part in the international contest on special terms!

Eurasian Prize 2021

arch8 Lock-Unlock Architecture Competition

(15 June 2021: registration deadline)

20 June 2021: submission deadline

arch8 Lock Unlock competition 2021

What is a prison? Prison is a place where inmates are confined and denied a variety of freedoms under the authority of the state as punishment for various crimes. But is this all to a prison? Can’t prison serve to be more than just a set up to punish the convicts?

Recidivism is not a very rare occurrence. It’s time to put out the question, why? Why do convicts go back to their old means as soon as they are released from the prison? Why are prisons failing to contribute to society?

arch8 Lock-Unlock Architecture Competition

Lençóis Maranhenses Kitesurf School architecture competition

15 June 2021: registration & submission deadline

The Lençóis Maranhenses Kitesurf School contest proposes a space where you can experience the relationship between sport, nature and the human being. The project must highlight the uniqueness of the place and that it becomes a space where there is comprehensive respect for the entire landscape, culture and atmosphere of the place.

reTHINKING Lençóis Maranhenses Kitesurf School architecture competition 2021

5000 Euros of prizes

4 May, 2021: End of Early Registration
15 June 2021: Late Registration End
15 June 2021, 6:00 p.m. (Madrid time): submission deadline

WWF Observation Cabins by YAC

Orbetello, Italy

(6 June 2021: late registrations deadline)

9 June 2021, 12.00 midday GMT: materials submission deadline

WWF Observation Cabins, a competition project by Young Architects Competitions

Young Architects Competitions is an international network of professionals aiming at enhancing architecture research and young designers’ skills.
Since 2013 we have been organizing numerous competitions joined by hundreds of designers based in 100 countries.

WWF Observation Cabins competition by YAC Orbetello, Italy

WWF Observation Cabins Competition

The contests promoted until today have been supported by several international academic and professional partners with the likes of Automobili Lamborghini, Ferrari, National Geographic, and Manni Group.

The competitions gathered prominent jury panels featuring, among the others, Eduardo Souto de Moura, Zaha Hadid Architects, Daniel Libeskind, Aires Mateus, Shigeru Ban Architects, Kazuyo Sejima.

The WWF Observation Cabins competition inviting creatives to design a visitors’ center and observation cabins in the WWF Oasis of Orbetello, Italy.

There will be a total amount of 15.000 Euros in prize money for the awarded proposals and the jury of the competition gathers outstanding international personalities like Kazuyo Sejima, Sou Fujimoto, BIG studio, Foster + Partners, Snøhetta, HHF, and many more.

WWF Observation Cabins is expected to be a moment of significant international participation for combining extremely interesting and up-to-date topics and a well-esteemed Technical Committee.

Drawing Matter Writing Prize 2021

1 June 2021, midnight (BST) on Tuesday : Deadline

4 Prizes of £1000

The Drawing Matter Trust is pleased to announce the return of the Drawing Matter Writing Prize. The competition invites participants to carefully look at drawings and to consider what they reveal about the process of design, and the buildings or objects they represent.

The Writing Prize competition is open to anyone aged over 18, with or without a background in architecture or design. We welcome a broad range of approaches towards writing, and voices from art and architectural history, the sciences and humanities, alongside practitioners – architects, designers, artists and writers.

This year the competition will be judged by Prof. Adrian Forty and Prof. Briony Fer, with support from the Drawing Matter editorial team.

The competition winners, and other participants with outstanding entries, will be invited to publish their texts on Drawing Matter’s website. Covid-19 restrictions permitting, we hope to announce the winners on Saturday 17 July 2021 at the Drawing Matter Archive in Somerset.

Full details can be found at:

Contact: competitions(at)

Hum3D spring competition: without borders

Hum3D launches an online competition for 3D artists and architects. Organizers ask participants to create a 3D art with a famous building from artist’s country. This will help everyone to be involved in a short traveling around the World and visit various beautiful places without borders and restrictions. The name of the event is “Without borders”.

Hum3D spring competition

Concursos de Arquitectura – Concursos de Arquitectura. Concursos AG360

(22 May 2021: registration deadline)

5 June 2021: submission deadline

Concursos AG360 Calls For Ideas Contest


A smart basic home for Millennial culture, will be conceptualized as part of a student residence. It will be located within a natural landscape urban.

Concursos AG360 Architecture Competition 2021

General Purpose

A basic housing prototype (MILLENNIAL HOUSE UNIT) will be conceptualized for students of 1 to 3 people with private spaces and shared services. It will function as an independent element and will be part of a set of 10 units. It will be located within a natural urban landscape and must
stand out for its geometric and contemporary aesthetics.

The MILLENNIAL HOUSE UNIT, as an independent and joint element, will function as a Student Residence and may be part of a complex that complements services such as entrances, laundry, parking, visitor area, etc. (which will not be projected).

For the conception of the prototype, it is essential to understand to whom it is directed, for which it must have characteristics of Smart House, which satisfies any basic activity of young students.


1st Prize: US $ 3,000
+ Exhibition and diffusion in the main architecture sites worldwide.
+ Virtual booklet of the best proposals.

+ Exhibition & diffusion as above
+ Virtual booklet with the best proposals.


(22-28 February 2021: Pre registry)
(28 February 2021: Start of inscriptions)
(27 March 2021: Completion of the first stage of inscriptions)

23 April 2021: End of consultation period
26 April 2021: Completion of the second stage of inscriptions

22 May 2021: End of registration period
5 June 2021: Deadline for submission of proposals

12 June 2021: Judgment of the jury
16 June 2021: Dissemination of results
21 June 2021: Awards

Rates and more in the complete Rules.

International Competition for the National Museum of Korean Literature

Competition for the National Museum of Korean Literature

This architecture competition is Organized by Korea Institute of Architects. The site for New National Museum is seated in Jinhwan-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The area of the site for competition is 13,248 sqm. Total Floor Area is 14,704 sqm.

Competition for the National Museum of Korean Literature

ListLab Architecture Competition

Open Call for publishing projects within the context of the forthcoming books series’ M120 – Meridiano 120,’ ‘Enter Anthropocene,’ and ‘The Digital Affairs’ by ListLab publisher.

ListLab Architecture Competition

ListLab Architecture Competition

Archasm Co-living California Design Competition

Archasm Co-living California Design Competition

Archiol Render Challenge Competition

– update news

Archiols 2021 Render challenge

Create one rendered architectural graphic design that says it all. As this competition aims at exploring and understanding rendering (a medium of conveying designs) to an unimaginable extent, so you are free to choose the type, location, scale.
The Rendering can be hand-drawn or digital.

Archiol’s 2021 Render challenge

Street-a-float Design Competition in 2021

Architecture contest from ARCH8

Global Warming is a term almost everyone is familiar with. It is one of the biggest issues we are dealing with. In the upcoming years, global warming can affect us in many treacherous ways.

The first and foremost effect is polar ice caps melting. As the temperature increases, the ice at the North Pole will melt. Once the ice melts, the first effect will be a rise in sea levels because the melting glaciers become oceans. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center “if the ice melted today the seas would rise about 230 feet”. It affects many low-lying areas such as the Netherlands.

Street-a-float Design Competition 2021

Street-a-float Design Competition in 2021

Preston Mosque Architecture Competition

England, UK

The RIBA launches an international design competition for a new Mosque near Preston, Lancashire, northwest England, UK:

Preston Mosque Design Competition

TAB 2022 Installation competition

22 April : Installation Competition deadline

The Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2022, launched Installation Competition Slowbuilding. The open two-stage competition challenges participants to develop creative designs for a temporary installation in the heart of Tallinn.

The deadline for the First Stage submissions is April, 22. To take part in the competition, submit a portfolio including a 500 words response to the brief and programme, 3-5 selected projects, built or unbuilt and bios and CVIs. The winner of the competition will have a budget of €15,000 to build the installation.

TAB 2022 Installation competition

Access the installation programme competition material

The Jury:
– Roland Snooks (Kokkugia, RMIT — Australia)
– Kathrin Döfler (dorfundrust, TU Munich – Germany) and
– Peeter Pere (Peeter Pere Arhitektid — Estonia).

The Advisers:
– Gwyllim Jahn, Cameron Newnham, Soomeen Hahm, Igor Pantic (Installation Competition Curators TAB of 2022)
– Lydia Kallipoliti and Areti Markopoulou (Head Curators of TAB 2022)
– Eve Arpo (Tallinn Architecture Biennale Producer, Estonian Centre for Architecture) and
– Sille Pihlak (TAB 2017 Installation Programme curator, co-founder of PART).

For questions and further information, please contact by April 15th, 2021.

24h Pandemic Competition

24h Competition 37th Edition Pandemic
IF international platform for competitions aims to connect ideas from different areas of society in order to help transform cities and make them increasingly self-sustaining, efficient and green.

24h Pandemic Competition

Architecture & Design Tabloid Contest 2021

Architecture & Design Tabloid Contest 2021

To explore the domain of being an entrepreneur in digital journalism related to the Architecture & Design Community, specifically, to move ambitiously to take it out of the borders that one lives in. The Tabloid should have a special focus on curating – local projects, competitions, events, books, and new initiatives regarding the local architecture of your country.

Architecture and Design Tabloid Contest 2021



16 April 2021: deadline

Bricsys Student Design Challenge: design something that helps people stay connected without touch. Free to enter. First Prize €1000, a prototype of the design and promotion on social channels.

Find out more

This is a student design competition. It is open to anyone over the age of 16 that is still studying or has completed studying in the last year. We thought this might be something you would want to share on your website.

The theme of the competition is to design something that allows people to stay in touch without touch. The designs must be summited as a CAD file.

It is free to enter and the winner receives €1000 and a prototype of their design. They will also be interviewed by our blog and their work will be publicised across our social channels.

We are doing this to encourage innovation in CAD for the next generation!

16 April: closing date

  • First prize €1,000 and a prototype model of the design. Exact product methods will depend on the size and complexity of the model.
  • Second prize SpaceMouse Pro (worth €300).
  • Third prize Spacemouse Wireless Connexion (worth €150).

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Bricsys, a part of Hexagon PPM –

Astrakhan Agglomeration Masterplan Competition


Astrakhan Agglomeration Competition

An Open International Competition for the development of a master plan for the Astrakhan agglomeration by the TASS information agency. The project is designed to establish the priorities for the development of the agglomeration, to raise the population’s quality of life to a new level, and to ensure the new status of the region with the subsequent introduction of amendments to the territorial planning and urban zoning documents of Astrakhan Region and Astrakhan:

Astrakhan Agglomeration Competition

Alps Wellness Retreat Architecture Competition


Alps Wellness Retreat design competition

First Prize: Eur 1200
Second Prize: Eur 800
Third Prize: Eur 500

The fast pace of 21st century has led to a very distorted work-leisure balance among urban settlers. This has caused numerous lifestyle-related mental and physical issues like stress, depression and other chronic ailments.

Alps Wellness Retreat Architecture Competition

Yangtze River Delta Graduate School of Beijing Institute of Technology

International Solicitation of Overall Planning Design and Architectural Concept Design for Yangtze River Delta Graduate School of Beijing Institute of Technology:
Yangtze River Delta Graduate School of Beijing Institute of Technology

Yangtze River Delta Graduate School Design Competition

LUXURY APARTMENTS Design Competition

King Abdullah district, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

This will be one of the new projects for Ranco Real-Estate Company located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Ranco Real-Estate owns and operates multi-size residential and commercial properties. We are looking to construct different unique and innovative buildings. The prospect site is located in Riyadh city in King Abdullah district; a high-end neighborhood.

Ranco Real-Estate Company Design Competition Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia

The vision for the project is to build a unique, modern and contemporary apartment complex in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia. Our main goal is to create a different living experience for our tenants by providing one-of-a-kind units along with many other facilities (Parking, storage, housekeeper rooms, gardens, kids’ play areas, recreational areas, GYM… etc.) and to provide an enjoyable and private daily life.

The subject site is mostly leveled with an L-shaped land plot measuring 9,750 sqm. The site is 83 m from a main road (36m wide) on the east side and 80 m away from another main road (30m wide) on the west side. On the northern side, there is a street (20m) which is 118m long. Construction Project Budget about 18 M. $

International Competition of Integrated Urban and Architecture Masterplan for Suwon Dangsu District 2, Suwon, S. Korea

This competition begins with questions including “What is the street space-centered shared city and how should it be established?” “How does that city make harmony with the natural ecological environment, how is it organized within the harmony and what is the significance of it?” We expect that the participants would provide diverse urban and architectural ideas based on human sciences and philosophical ideas to answer our questions.

Masterplan for Suwon Dangsu District 2 Competition

Belgrade Concert Hall Design Competition 2020

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP Serbia) hereby invites interested bidders to submit their application for prequalification for the Design competition and subsequent full design services for the Belgrade concert hall.

Belgrade Concert Hall Design Competition

Belgrade Concert Hall Design Competition

Passive House in Seignosse Design Competition
Submission: March 19, 2021

Registration: January 6, 2021

Architecture competition for a passive house in Les Landes, south west of France:

Near the ocean and the Hossegor Lake, Caroline and Charl are currently owners of a 1700sqm plot and want to build a 300sqm passive house to live as sustainable as possible. As a historical touristic area, the Landes county suffers from the urban sprawl and the lack of sustainable buildings necessary to change mindsets.

Aware of the footprint of every new construction in this world, they want to build their project as an example for the next decades in terms of environmental performance, design and nature relationship.

Passive House Seignosse Architecture competition

As nature lovers, the project owners also want to create an exemplary project of biophilic design. Behind this scholarly name, the aim is to build a house where landscape and architecture are designed together to create a real-life experience aimed at the well-being of the occupants, the biodiversity of the plot and the surrounding environment.

The entire project will have to meet Passivhaus institute’s Passive House certification requirements and reach the carbon footprint level of the E+C experiment launched by the French government as low as possible. Contemporary and biophilic design.

This project is not just a house project. It aims to become a reference in responsible architecture, aware of the energy and environmental challenges we face.

To download the brief :
Station F – Halle Freyssinet, 55 bd Auriol 75013 Paris
50 avenue des Caillols, Marseille

International Design Competition for Library; SONGDO International City, S. Korea

The target is this design competition 「The Library of SONGDO International City」 is a key indicator to carry out the purpose of Incheon-city which orients ‘An International City of Northeast Asia to the World’ and is an important challenge to expand the cultural infrastructure of the local residents.

International Design Competition for Library; SONGDO International City

Vinfast Global Showroom Design Competition 2021

25 Feb 2021: submission deadline

Vinfast is one of the Vietnam rising smart vehicle manufacturers that has global presence.

Vinfast Global Showroom architecture competition 2021

The VinFast Global Showroom Design Competition 2021 (VFDC 2021) is one of the most attractive architectural competitions in terms of scale, prestige level, and prize value for designers.

It aims to search for the most excellent showroom design idea that will be used globally, to showcase VinFast smart car models in international markets. Offering an appealing prize scheme with a total value of up to USD 60,000, it provides all architects and designers across the world a lifetime opportunity to showcase their talents to the global stage.

Vinfast Global Showroom Design Competition 2021

It is co-organized by Vietnam Design Association (VDAS), Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC) and Competitions Archi and sponsored exclusively by VinFast, the first ever Vietnamese smart automotive brand.

More details:

3rd Generation New Towns in Korea Design Contest

3rd Generation New Towns in Korea Competition

The International Competition for Urban Design Concept and Multi-dimensional Urban and Architectural Space Plan for the 3rd Generation New Towns, including a Pilot Project for the First Village.

3rd Generation New Towns in Korea Architecture Competition

BRIDGING Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition, China

BRIDGING Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition

BRIDGING Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge International Design Competition

Jurassic Camp House Design Competition 2020, The Wave, Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, Arizona, USA

Archasm Jurassic Camp House Competition 2020

Jurassic Camp House Design Competition 2020

Architecture MasterPrize

August 31, 2020 – Extended Final Deadline

If you have any Architectural Design, Interior Design, or Landscape Architecture projects completed within the last five years, submit them before midnight and get your work recognized internationally.

Architecture MasterPrize

24h competition 35th edition – farmer

24h Competition farmer

24h competition farmer

Design AID: Outdoor Learning Spaces Design Ideas Competition, PA, USA

Outdoor Learning Spaces Design Ideas Competition

How can communities turn underutilized schoolyards into outdoor classrooms that could enable students to safely return to school? The Community Design Collaborative, in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia, invites designers to submit ideas for outdoor learning spaces that can be easily and inexpensively implemented by schools in Philadelphia and beyond.

Design AID: Outdoor Learning Spaces Competition

Concursos AG360 Calls For Ideas Contest LIFEGUARD TOWER

8 Aug 2020 – submission deadline

Language: English
Location: Miami Beach / Bogota / Budapest
Type: Open

Concursos AG360 Calls For Ideas Contest LIFEGUARD TOWER

Ideas International Contest to conceptualized as an architectural element that, with its visual art, will become reference points for tourist cities, adding value to the natural and urban environment.

The LIFEGUARD TOWER will serve as a watchtower on beaches for lifeguards and will have a first aid area and a tourist information pavilion on the ground floor. The same prototype could be replicated in parks, urban squares and massive events such as concerts or sporting events.

Concursos AG360 Ideas Contest LIFEGUARD TOWER

1º PRIZE US $ 2,500
+ Exhibition and diffusion in architecture sites worldwide.
+ Virtual booklet showing the best proposals.

+ Exhibition and diffusion in architectural sites globally.
+ Virtual booklet – best proposals.

Check the calendar on the official page.

Tomb of Waste Architecture Competition

Tomb of waste design competition by Switch

The competition is open to everyone in the world (architects, students, engineers etc.). You can participate individually or in a team. A team can have a maximum of three members only.

Tomb of Waste Architecture Competition

Moscow Metro International Competition, Russia

Architectural design of new stations

The main objective of the Competition is to find the unique architectural-artistic solutions for interiors of passenger areas and entrance halls of the two new metro stations – «Prospekt Marshala Zhukova» and «Klenoviy bulvar 2».

Principal design solution must include a proposal on materials, lighting and non-bearing structures of the stations.


21 MAY 2020
Application submissions deadline

2 JUNE 2020
Jury meeting. Selection of the Finalists

17 JUNE 2020
Introductory seminar for the Competition Finalists

24 JULY 2020
Concepts submission closes

20 AUGUST 2020
The final Jury meeting. Selection of the winners

Moscow Metro is the mainstay of the Russian capital’s transport network and the most popular kind of public transport in Moscow.

More than 2.5 billion trips are made in the Moscow Metro annually; the Moscow Metro is one of the most intensely used undergrounds in the world.

Moscow Metro International Design Competition

‘RETHINK: 2025’ Design Competition

RIBA launches international search for post-pandemic design ideas

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has today (12 May 2020) launched ‘RETHINK: 2025’ – a design competition in search of big ideas for our post-pandemic world.

RETHINK: 2025 Design Competition

Call For Submissions: Sustainable Revolution

As a reaction to the unprecedented moment that we are all experiencing, Zuecca Projects has decided to launch its first ever Open Call, on the theme of Sustainable Architecture and Design.

Call For Submissions: Sustainable Revolution

Sustainable & Intelligent City’ Design Contest

International Building Design Competition 2020

The Building and Construction Authority of Singapore is co-organising an International Building Design Competition this year with the topic of Sustainable & Intelligent City.

The competition is to design a mixed-use development that integrates residential, retail, commercial, community, and transportation usages under one roof to a totally new level, so as to maximise the land use in Singapore.

International Building Design Competition 2020

Somerville College Dining Hall Architecture Competition

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has launched a competition on behalf of Somerville College, a constituent college of the University of Oxford.

Somerville College Dining Hall Competition

RIBA open call to design experimental installation for Architecture Gallery, London, UK

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is inviting architects, architecture students and creatives to design a temporary installation at the RIBA’s HQ building in central London, to coincide with the London Festival of Architecture (LFA).

RIBA Architecture Gallery Competition 2020 – news page

International Competition for Cheongju New Cityhall

South Korea, Asia
Phase I Registration deadline: 17 Jan 2020

1. Promoter
The holding organization for competition is Cheongju City, S. Korea.
The competition is Organized by Korea Institute of Architects.

2. The competition site
The site for New Cityhall is seated in the general commercial region # 89-1, Bungmun-ro 3 ga, Sangdang-ro, Cheongju City, Chungcheongbuk-do, S. Korea. The area of the site for competition is 28,459 ㎡.
Total Floor Area : 53,000 ㎡

3. Objectives of Competition
Since the integration of Cheongju City and Cheongwon County, a regeneration project to restore the core functions of the original city center has been promoted. By linking the project with the new City Hall, which will be constructed by 2025, it is aimed to achieve balanced regional development through revitalization.

International Contest for Cheongju New Cityhall, South Korea Architecture Competitions

The architecture competition is intended to build an integrated City Hall which will conform to the urban future of ‘Cheongju City’ so as to address the following three issues: 1) inefficiency of dispersed administrative services, 2) improving the quality of administrative services, and 3) citizen inconvenience.

Also, it is aimed to have the effect of city restoration by linking with various maintenance works in the nearby area, and to secure symbolism by utilizing the existing building which has the historic value.

A place for Accessibility
It should be designed to provide public space where citizens can openly use, and to revitalize the old city center. Also, complex cultural space to have effective communication with citizens should be planned.

A place for integrated City hall and openness of public offices
It should be designed to provide open space which would allow citizens to have the perspective of self-governance, and promote the consciousness as a decision maker.

A place for efficiency and maximization of space for work and citizen convenience
In order to respond to changes in the administrative working environment and in the needs, the space layout should be considered to provide high quality administrative services through the concentration of administrative functions. Also, changeability and flexible space composition should be taken into account for possible future expansion and needs.

A place for utilizing the main building of current city hall
It should be designed as a symbol of harmony and fusion of the new and the old buildings through the effective use of space and history of the main building which keeps a record of Cheongju City.

4. Competition Methods : Two-stage competitions
Phase I- International open design competition: 5 teams will be selected.
Phase II – International invited design competition: 5 teams from Phase I and 3 teams of invited architects will compete.

Phase I
Registration: Jan 6, 2020 – Jan 17, 2020
Questions/Answers: Jan 20, 2020 – Jan 27, 2020 / Feb 3, 2020
Entry Submission: Mar 13, 2020
Jury: Mar 19, 2020 – Mar 20, 2020
Winners Announcement: Mar 20, 2020

Phase II
Registration: Mar 27, 2020 – Apr 10, 2020

5. Estimated Design Fee: about 7,400,000,000 KRW ( about 6.17 million us dollar) 1 us dollar=1,200

6. Jury: The list of Juror will be announced on January 6, 2020.


Official email:

2020 Expo Dubai Korea Pavilion

Architectural Design Competition for the Korea Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

– A design competition for a unique & innovative Korea Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai, opening in October, 2020
– an architectural design to raise Korea’s national brand value ; it must creatively interpret the Korean meaning of “mobility”
– Registration for the design competition is available on the Korea Pavilion website

2020 Expo Dubai Korean Pavilion Architecture Competition

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