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Key Architecture in Central America

post updated 4 September 2021

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Latest Costa Rica Building

13 Feb 2018
Joya Villas, Santa Teresa
Architects: Studio Saxe
Joya Villas Costa Rica Buildings
photo : Andrés García Lachner
Joya Villas
Set in the rainforest of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, two modern homes project out of the landscape and are defined by a series of steel frames that that bring the best modern methods of construction to a tropical location. The use of large steel I-beams and concrete is a tenet of the international language of Modernist architecture and Studio Saxe have taken this design approach and recontextualised it for contemporary use.

30 Aug 2013
Casa Altamira
Casa Altamira Costa Rica Buildings
photo : Rodrigo Montoya / Joan Puigcorbé

20 Apr 2012
Villa Areopagus, Atenas, central Costa Rica
Design: Paravant Architects / SAAR Arquitectura
Villa Areopagus Costa Rica Buildings
photo : Julian Trejos
Costa Rican Villa
Villa Areopagus planned as a retirement residence for a client from Hollywood, California, the design focused on creating a home that is harmoniously integrated into the landscape of the surrounding Costa Rican mountains.

Recent Costa Rica Building Design

Containers of Hope, San Jose, Costa Rica
Design: Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture
Costa Rican House
photo : Andres Garcia Lachner
Costa Rica Building : San Jose Home
Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta dreamed of living in their fantastic property 20 minutes outside of the city of San Jose, Costa Rica; where they could be with their horses and enjoy the natural landscape.

Costa Rica Buildings

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Costa Rican Architecture. We aim to include the best quality design-led Costa Rican buildings / projects. e-architect cover completed Costa Rica buildings, new building designs and architecture competitions.

Costa Rican Building Designs, alphabetical:

A Forest for a Moon Dazzler
wins World’s Best Private House at World Architecture Festival Awards 2010
Costa Rican House
photo : Benjamin Garcia Saxe

Bamboo house in Costa Rica designed for moon gazing

Forest Moon Dazzler/a> – design by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architect, UK, has won the World’s Best Private House award at the prestigious World Architecture Festival Awards 2010

My mom and I never had a place we could call home. We met on the streets, always dreaming of a place we could be together. She stayed in the city in order to find comfort in my closeness. I never stopped dreaming of a place where she could find happiness.

Inspired by her routine I have given her an internal protected forest of bamboo. At night the cone-like surface of her new home opens to the moon and reminds her that it is me who is holding it in space as she goes calmly to sleep.

Brit Insurance Design Awards : 2011 Nominee – Cost Rica house

House for the architect’s father
Design: Gianni Botsford Architects
Costa Rica House

Gianni Botsford Architects is bringing new ‘architectural life’ to the Caribbean by reappraising the architectural heritage of the region and reviving indigenous techniques. However, by coupling them with modern design technologies and aesthetics, the architects have created an eco-architecture that is remarkably light, impacting on its surrounding only minimally both physically and environmentally.

This house for a writer in Costa Rica is nearing completion. Contrasting with the concrete aesthetic of the GBA’s award-winning Light House in London, it is a lightweight timber structure raised 1.2 m above the ground on round wooden stilts.

Iseami House, Playa Carate, Península de Osa, Puntarenas
Design: ROBLESARQ, San Jose
Iseami House
image from RoblesArq architects
Iseami House Costa Rica

ISEAMI concept eradicates in the education and awareness of its occupants and its community, that will be capable tolearn about sustainable living through its spatial living.

This Costa Rica house promises a responsible approach to the nature of its location, Peninsula de Osa, a place where the 5% of the world biodiversity is embodied.

The house is the first stage of the ISEAMI institute (Institute of sustainability, ecology, art, mind and investigation). The house is the main area of the institute, therefore, it’s design will serve as a multifunctional place in order to host activities as Investigation, meditation, training, Yoga and joy at the terrace located in the first level.

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Casa Negra Costa Rica Buildings
photograph : Rafael Gam

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