Xiamen Winland IFC, Fujian Province, China

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Xiamen Winland IFC in Fujian Province

13 June 2023

Design: Farrells

Location: Xiamen, China

Xiamen Winland IFC Fujian Province China

Images ©Winland Group

Xiamen Winland IFC, China

Located on the east coast of Xiamen, a well-known port city in Fujian Province, China, the Xiamen Winland IFC, covering approximately 500,000 square meters of area, is the largest mixed-use development in the core of the emerging seafront financial zone Cross-Strait Financial Center. The promising new financial district boasts mutually enhanced station-and-city TOD development, diversified and high-density business scenes, maximised greenery and sea views, as well as ample public spaces.

Xiamen Winland IFC Fujian Province China

Comprising four super high-rise towers with a blend of office, hotel, retail and residential spaces, this ambitious scheme of Winland Group seeks to cater for the increasing demands of modern services industries of the region and set a new benchmark for city planning and architectural design.

Xiamen Winland IFC Fujian China

Incorporating the visions of urban design, infrastructure, and architectural concepts, the architect FARRELLS aims to develop a unique urban landmark that embraces the strait while shaping the growing financial district, becoming a truly unparalleled addition to Xiamen’s coastline and skyline.

Xiamen Winland IFC Fujian China

A Grand Architectural Gateway Symbolising Collaboration and Openness
As a pioneer project of the emerging financial district that faces the strait, the gateway towers symbolise the value of openness and cooperation. Inspired by the shape of “GATE” and the form of its Chinese character ”門”, the design seeks to provide dual advantages of height and landscape value as well as an architecturally striking new landmark for the up-and-coming Xiamen.

Xiamen Winland IFC Fujian China

The crescent masterplan for the four towers maximised the views of the limited site’s area, creating an open and welcoming gesture that embraces the surrounding park and coastline. The single tower facing the coast has a twisted volume design that allows high-rise users to enjoy more sea views amidst the upcoming skyscrapers in the district.

Xiamen Winland IFC Fujian China

The innovative “fifth tower” in the sky adds the finishing touch to the “GATE” form and offers incredible natural views while freeing up ground space. The tower seamlessly integrates the urban landscape of the financial district with the lush marine park, making it a prime junction point between the city and nature.

Xiamen Winland IFC Fujian China

A Harmonious Pattern Paying Homage to Local Marine Culture
The streamlined form shaped by twisting and stepping forms a fluid and soft architectural image in the high-density financial district, which not only pays tribute to Xiamen’s local marine culture and the coastal natural elements but also serves as a practical measure to withstand strong typhoons and optimize the floor efficiency. When viewed from above, the building’s horizontal lines appear like water ripples, rising from nature and merging into the sea and the sky.

The horizontal design concept also ensures the integrity of the buildings as a group and creates visual grandeur. The consistent use of blue glass panels and silver aluminium creates a harmonious blend of colour and design elements. The glass walls reflect the surrounding environment, producing dynamic visual effects that vary with the weather.

The Soft and Fluid Structure Amidst the High-Density Financial District ©Winland Group

Xiamen Winland IFC Fujian Province China

Multi-Functional TOD Strategy to Stimulate the Vitality of the Emerging District
The Xiamen Winland IFC and the Cross-strait Financial Center Station of Metro Line 2 have been designed and constructed in an integrated manner, resulting in a highly efficient, compact, and multi-dimensional comprehensive TOD development.

Xiamen Winland IFC Fujian China

The crescent masterplan and the high-rise sky towers release plenty of green spaces and sunken plaza, giving the land back to the city and creating seamless public space that connects the waterfront and the financial district’s hinterland, as well as the metro station and nearby communities, weaving a highly-connected urban fabric. The multi-storey commercial street, which links to the subway station, offers an array of dining, living, and leisure activities to cater to the needs of residents, beachgoers, and visitors. This fosters a lively and vibrant atmosphere on the street and in the square, perfect for the growing financial district.

A Highly Efficient, Compact, And Multi-Dimensional Comprehensive TOD Development ©Farrells

Xiamen Winland IFC Fujian Province China Xiamen Winland IFC Fujian Province China

Xiamen Winland IFC in Fujian Province, China – Building Information

Architect: Farrells – https://www.lemanarc.com/en/
Property Owner: Winland Group
Location: Xiamen, Fujian Province, China
Services: Whole process design
Chief Architect and Consultant: Stefan Krummeck
Site Area:4.9ha (with the park)
GFA: 500,000 sqm
Year of Commission: 2014
Status: In construction

Xiamen Winland IFC Fujian Province China

Renders ©Winland Group

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Location: Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China

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