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JinLin Royal Park in Nanjing City

25 Mar 2020

JinLin Royal Park

Architects: Do Design Group

Location: Nanjing, China

Jinlin Royal Park Nanjing China

For Chinese people, Nanjing City looks modern and fashionable yet ancient and simple. Based on a deep understanding of Nanjing, Do Design Group wish to design these two aspects into the entire demonstration area of JinLin Royal Park and attempt to give new cultural value to the city through the building.

Jinlin Royal Park Nanjing China

The general layout of traditional buildings in Nanjing is characterized by front hall and backyard, showing a space with rites preceding nature. Do Design Group adopt this spatial layout: the front yard highlightsa modern sense of rites by layered space, formal symmetry and tranquil setting; the back yardshows a space of nature and harmony by modern landscape. This is the very new user experience the architects want to add to traditional space.

Jinlin Royal Park Nanjing China Jinlin Royal Park Nanjing China

Nanjing has been the cultural capital of China since ancient times, so we select the “book” symbolto establish the facade image of the demonstration area. The division between glass and solid wallmakes the southern side of the demonstration area look like an opened book and scroll. We hope
to deliver a new cultural experience with this image.

It is a special architectural design to show the effect of space on people, as the space itself is a kind of force field.

Do Design Group hope to produce an effect on people with such force field and use one space to guide another. When it comes to the whole spatial sequence, the architects choose layer-by-layer scaling: from tranquil front yard to mysterious entrance to open back yard, the space reaches a climax in the end. We give each space different meanings in this process to show our understanding of space.

Jinlin Royal Park Nanjing China

Do Design Group

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Location: Nanjing, China

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