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Apede Pop-up Store in Chengdu

18 July 2022

Architecture: say architects

Location: New York Avenue, Taikoo Li, Chengdu, China

Apede Pop-up Store Chengdu China

Photos by HereSapce

Apede Pop-up Store, China

New Apede Pop-up Store in Chengdu – New York Avenue in Taikoo Li

Located in Taikoo Li, Chengdu, Apede Mod is a designer brand from New York. Say was entrusted to design a pop-up store in Taikoo Li, Chengdu, namely, a modern city brand space special for the atmosphere of Chengdu. Starting from urban architecture, the store was conceived to interpret the brand-new design concept.

Cultural Integration of Two Cities
New York is a hustle-bustle city, while Chengdu is an easy-cozy city. How to convey noisy and bustling New York and maintain the relaxed andcozylife attitude in the civil culture of Chengdu? Different from previous stores, Say hoped to link the cultural languages of two cities, high light local culture and build “Apede Mood” special for Chengdu.

Modern Form Conforming to Cities
Starting from urban buildings, brown stone is a common town house group in New York. In the historical evolution of town house group, Stoop is the common characteristic of buildings. Besides the functions of buildings, it also carries some social properties which can be easily linked with the plot that heroes and heroines in American dramas sit on the stairs and talk about life.

Apede Pop-up Store Chengdu China Apede Pop-up Store Chengdu China

Therefore, Say extracted and applied the facade during the renaissance to wall display, softening the hard stone into round blocks based on the chill lifestyle in Chengdu. Extension seating as Stoop, offers consumer a place to have teatime in Chengdu park.

In this greenspace, customers feel as if they are in a teahouse in Chengdu Park. Everything is full of conflicts and contrasts. Rough form of New York is endowed with Chengdu’s green. Two completely different atmospheres are integrated into the whole.

The application of wall stone is to continuously use the previous design methods of Apede Mod and avoid too much disconnection between them. Therefore, walls use green jades in a small area, so that every decoration can be endowed with functions.

Integration of Artistic Paintings
Besides the combination of spatial structure, Say acquired inspirations through the artistic works of two cities. Through combining bright, colourful and extended expressions in the early works of Mondrian in New York with the ink bamboo paintings in Chengdu, bag display props in the shape of bamboo and full of colours are evolved into.

Apede Pop-up Store Chengdu Apede Pop-up Store Chengdu

The joints between steel columns and plates are exposed to the outside directly without hiding. Columns arrayed make the whole detailed and ordered.

With the development and evolution of culture, Sayre-integrated and re-innovated it, so as to bring Chengdu modern green space under different Western and Eastern rhythms.

Apede Pop-up Store Chengdu

Apede Pop-up Store in Chengdu, China – Building Information

Design: say architects – http://www.sayarchitects.cn/

Owner: Apede mod
Status: Completed
Year: 2022
Area: 83 sqm
Address: Chengdu, China
Type of Project: Commercial Space of Brand
Partner-in-charge: Zhang Yan, Shan Jianan
Project Team: Luo Xiao、Zhou Yao
Contact: [email protected]
Window Design: amass stud

Apede Pop-up Store Chengdu China

Photography: HereSapce

Apede Pop-up Store, Chengdu China images / information received 180722

Location: Chengdu, China

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