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Bank of Chéngdu Headquarters : Sichuan Province Building

Bank of Chéngdu Headquarters Development design by Nikken Sekkei Architects

9 Apr 2012

Bank of Chéngdu Headquarters

Location: Chéngdu City, China

Architect: Nikken Sekkei Ltd.

Bank of Chéngdu Headquarter

CONCEPT / 100m100m100mCube
For the Bank of Chengdu headquarter building an impressive 100m cube is created by connecting two highly flexible, 100m long office towers with a variety of common areas including an entrance lobby, a multi-purpose hall, a conference center, and a banker’s club for a total 1 Million square meters of built up floor area.
The cubic building is 100 meters on all sides and is raised 8 meters, thus creating entrances that allow access from a variety of direction.

Bank of Chéngdu Headquarters Bank of Chéngdu Headquarters Building Bank of Chéngdu Headquarters China Bank of Chéngdu Headquarters Building China
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SITE / Axis and Cube
The premises for this project are located on a major road running through the center of Chengdu. It is possible to see the building from approximately 10 kilometers away from the north and south. In order to imbue the building with a strong presence in a district that is crowded with a variety of shapes, we position a building with a simple and strong cubic shape along the axis of the city. Furthermore, by creating a massive void in the center of the cube, the building responds to the city and realizes a high level of symbolism.

WORKPLACE / Universal and Sustainable
The building is composed of two sheet-shaped office towers. The towers provide easy-to-use offices with a length of 100 meters, as well as bright and well-ventilated common areas. The wide side of the towers is covered in a screen of greenery and features terraces and other rich, semi-outdoor common areas. The building exterior is covered with horizontal louvers that realize a perfect, unobstructed 100 meter horizontal view from inside the offices.

FAÇADE / Layered Horizontal Louvers
The exterior features layered horizontal louvers that screen out excessive sunlight while preserving excellent views from the inside. The total design effect is evocative of an enormous chiseled rock.
The building exterior is covered with precast concrete louvers that were manufactured onsite using white concrete. By covering the entire building with louvers, a feeling of coherence is created. Furthermore, the height of windows has been suppressed through the use of louvers, and windows which can be opened and closed for natural ventilation are installed throughout the entire building.

VOID / Borders which change according to the seasons
The central void is the center of consciousness for the entire building. The void is covered with a screen of greenery and features a variety of semi-outdoor common areas for relaxing and communication. The design takes advantage of the climate of Asia, changing the border of common areas depending on the season in order to conserve energy used for air conditioning and to maintain a comfortable environment.

During summer, a season of great heat load, internal/external partitions are set towards the inside in order to prevent heat intake. Conversely, the skin is set on the outside during winter. This allows heat to be drawn inside similar to a greenhouse and decreases the load associated with air conditioning.

4 Bridge / Common Space
The two office towers are connected by four bridges containing an entrance lobby, a multi-purpose hall, a conference center and a banker’s lounge. Each of the common bridge areas is directly accessed by four glass elevator towers.

Ground Floor / Entrance Hall
The cube is raised 8 meters above ground and the entire lower portion is a large, tranquil entrance lobby featuring a water garden. The entrance lobby is a highly translucent area that can be accessed from the four sides of the building. The four elevator towers within the water garden provide direct access to the conference center and banker’s lounge located on the top floor.

Bank of Chéngdu Headquarter Bank of Chéngdu Headquarter Building Bank of Chéngdu Headquarter China Bank of Chéngdu HQ
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Bank of Chéngdu Headquarters – Building Information

Owner: Bank of Chéngdu
Location: Chéngdu, China
Site Area: 18,950 sqm
Building Area: 113,701 sqm
Total Floor Area: 164,681 sqm
Structure: SRC/S
Floors: 21 aboveground, 3 underground
Height: 99.9m
Construction Period : 2013 (estimated)

Architects: Kaoru Hagimori, Takeyuki Katsuya, Taro Katsuyama, Hiroshi Miyagawa – Nikken Sekkei Ltd., Japan
Client / Developer: Bank of Chengdu, Japan
Environmental Engineer: B/A, Japan
Structural Engineer: Nikken Sekkei Ltd., Japan

Bank of Chéngdu Headquarters images / information from FD

Nikken Sekkei

Location: Chengdu, People’s Republic of China

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