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Los Conquistadores Street Office : Enrique Browne

Contemporary Office Building in Santiago, Chile, South America

page updated 21 Aug 2016

Los Conquistadores Street Office Santiago

Architect: Enrique Browne

Los Conquistadores Street Office building Chile

Offices in Los Conquistadores Street, Santiago


A simple house was remodeled, installing in it a reception area, meeting rooms and a long private office on the first floor. The kitchen and the original bathrooms were conserved. A ramp, next to the original house serves the three studios, located between the house and the lot lines.

These studios embrace a semi recessed patio in the interior corner of the sites which provides light and greenery. Such patio is roofed by a metallic trellis, avoiding unpleasant views of the backyards of the neighbors. In its turn, the trellis produces compelling striped shadows varying according to the time of the day. The inclined axis of the ramp (a diagonal in vertical) has a hand rail that lights up like a ray towards the north, where golden light penetrates.

Los Conquistadores Street Office Los Conquistadores Street Office Los Conquistadores Street Office

At night such natural golden light ends progressively leaving the blue light installed above the lowered wood ceiling predominant. This color change produces dramatic information in the overall atmosphere. Apart from connecting spaces, the ramp also serves for project reviews and correcting drawing plans. The ramp axis intercepts with a diagonal in horizontal that visually connects the access with the interior patio, also revealing a double height in the studios.

A metal mesh surrounds the building, unifying the house with its additions. They are covered by greenery, resulting in abstract hedges. It also serves to protect the property, improve the acoustical resistance and mimic the whole with the greenery of the neighborhood.

Office Building in Santiago Office Building Santiago Offices Santiago Santiago Office Building

Los Conquistadores Street Offices – Building Information

Title: Office in Los Conquistadores Street
Architect: Enrique Browne
Contributors: Mariano Chilli and Clara Guzman
Land Area: 416 m2
Primitive Built Area: 139 m2
Expansion Area: 142 m2
Total Built Surface: 281 m2
Year: 1995-97
Photograps: Guy Wenborne

Los Conquistadores Street Office images / information from Enrique Browne Arquitecto

Enrique Browne Arquitecto

Location: Los Conquistadores Street, Chile

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