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Memory Museum, Santiago de Chile : Architecture

Contemporary Building from Chile, South America

page updated 21 Aug 2016

Memory Museum Santiago de Chile

Architect: Sebastián Irarrázaval

Memory Museum

Memory Museum: Open International Competition, Santiago de Chile
Date: 2007
Second Prize
Architects: Sebastian Irarrazaval and Amercanda
Collaborators: Francisca Rivera and Cristian Irarrazaval

Memory Museum Chile

The museum will commemorate state victims and allocate different facilities such as libraries, workshops and an auditorium. The final form of the project is the result of circulation that leads the visitors through different experiences, including a great orchard and the end of it that resembles the social contract as something fragile that need to be treated with care to flourish.

Memory Museum Santiago Photos from Sebastián Irarrázaval Mar 08


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