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post updated 6 May 2021

Enrique Browne – Latest Design

House in Zapallar, Chile
House in Zapallar II by Enrique Browne Arquitectos
photo : Gonzalo Romero
House in Zapallar
The site of this holiday house is long and very inclined. It falls from the North to the South. On its upper edge it sits on a road that unites different seaside towns. From the upper section it offers splendid views of the seaside resort and of the bay. However, the tree filled site had many problems. Because it falls to the south it received very little sun, since in Chile the sun passes on the north. There was also a big house on the west, from which one had to separate oneself from in order to get views of the sea.

Enrique Browne Architects – Key Projects

Featured Buildings by Enrique Browne Arquitectos, alphabetical:

Casa Caracola, Santiago, Chile
Caracola House design by Enrique Browne Arquitectos
image from architect
Casa Caracola
The house was designed forming an indissoluble unit to its ground. THE HOUSE “IS” THE SITE. This site is almost a square. The best views and orientation are in the north diagonal towards the street. This diagonal was the axis of the composition. The land was 1,2 mts. below the street. Common activities were divided from the private. The common were located in the center in an oval courtyard.

Consorcio Santiago Offices, Santiago, Chile
Consorcio Santiago Offices Building by Enrique Browne Architects
image from Enrique Browne Architects
Consorcio Santiago Offices
The project involves two long volumes that create a gallery which contains access. A volume attached to the neighbor house has three levels, while the main volume has 17 levels and 75 meters long. This volume is bent at its west facade to align with the axes of El Bosque and Tobalaba. The acute angle that is produced serves as a symbolic beginning of Av. El Bosque.

Iglesia Villa Maria, Santiago, Chile
Iglesia Villa Maria Chile by Enrique Browne Arquitectos
image from Enrique Browne Architects
Iglesia Villa Maria
The chapel is inspired by the subtle work of light of the Church of the Benedictines (RP Gabriel Guarda and Bro. Martin Correa OBS, Santiago 1964). But with three major differences. First, it is a chapel semilongitudinal with the altar at the bottom, and not composed of two distinct areas (priests and worshippers) and a central altar.

Los Conquistadores St Office, Santiago, Chile
Offices Santiago
image from Enrique Browne Architects
Los Conquistadores Street Office
A simple house was remodeled, installing in it a reception area, meeting rooms and a long private office on the first floor. The kitchen and the original bathrooms were conserved. A ramp, next to the original house serves the three studios, located between the house and the lot lines.

Paul Harris St House, Santiago, Chile
House in Paul Harris Street
image from Enrique Browne Architects
Paul Harris Street House
The house is developed around an elongated central space orientated in E-W direction, formed by two parallel “wall-beams”. This space with zenithal light basks the house´s south areas and concentrates horizontal and vertical circulations. An undulating low wall confronts to its rigid geometry. This contemporary version of a central courtyard serves as a nucleus to the entire composition.

Pioneer Chile HQ, Santiago, Chile
Pioneer Chile Headquarters
image from architect
Pioneer Chile Headquarters
PIONEER is dedicated to the production and commercialization of seeds. Their chilean factory is in Paine, south of Santiago. In 1995 they decided to build their administrative offices there. The volume of the offices could not compete with the large industrial installations. For this reason we propose a park extending the length of the site’s front. The offices were constructed at the eastern edge, merging with it. Soil was used to form slopes that blended the offices with the park which is symbolic of the company´s production of seeds.

More projects by Enrique Browne Arquitectos online soon

Location: Chile

Enrique Browne Arquitectos – Practice Information

Enrique Browne Arquitectos – Chile design studio

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Architect (1965) and Master of Urban Planning (1968), both with “Maximum Distinction”, from the Universidad Católica de Chile. Special Graduate Student in Urban Design in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT (1969). Following undertook advanced studies in U.S.A., England and Japan. Winner of scholarships of the Ford Foundation (1969-71), of the Social Science Research Council (1975) and the J.S.Guggenheim Foundation (1983).

– 29 Awards and 30 Special Mentions in Biennials and competitions in Chile, Argentine, Bulgaria, Italy, Ecuador, Israel, Costa Rica, Spain, USA, etc. Among them, Latin American Vitruvio Prize 2000.

– Jury in 44 national and international competitions in architecture and art.

– 106 conferences in different countries.

Publications by this Chile Architect

– Author of 3 books, plus other 6 in collaboration with other authors (Edited in Chile, Argentine, USA, México). Also 63 papers.

– 32 Collective Exhibitions of his work.

– 242 publications of his works and projects including 3 monographs and 239 publications in books and magazines, like Architectural Review, Architectural Design (England), Architectural Record (USA), The Plan (Italy), Arquitectura Viva (Spain), Sustainable Building (Holland), Arhriteturá (Rumania), Summa (Argentine), Projeto (Brazil), C.A. (Chile), etc.

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Website: https://www.ebrowne.cl/index.html

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NuMu Santiago, Chile
Architects: Cristián Fernández Arquitectos + VadesHagemann Arquitectos + Matias Gonzalez R. + Guillermo Bustos N. + Claudio C. Araya
NuMu: New Museum in Santiago, Chile
image courtesy of architects practice
NuMu: New Museum in Santiago

Bahá’í Temple of South America – RAIC Innovation in Architecture Award
Design: HPA (Hariri Pontarini Architects)
Bahá’í Temple of South America
image Courtesy architecture office
Baha’i Temple, Santiago Building

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