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King’s College Garden Hostel, Cambridge : Information

Development in Cambridge, southeast England – design by NRAP Architects

5 Mar 2009

King’s College Garden Hostel Cambridge

Design: NRAP

King's College Garden Hostel
Peter Cook/View

King’s College Garden Hostel, Cambridge

Kings College Garden Hostel is on an exceptionally sensitive site, adjacent to the Colleges Fellows Garden and a 1952 hostel. The building provides 33 student rooms with associated kitchen-common rooms.

The form and detail of the building are designed to respond to the context in a number of specific ways. Its footprint is carefully mapped in response to the areas where building is possible without disturbing tree roots: a rectangular extrusion of the north wing of the present building is eroded at its north-east corner and indented at the south-east corner.

Where it is possible to build further into the garden the new hostel bulges out in a large timber-clad bay. Generally the building is four storeys high, but the timber bay is only three floors and this allows a roof terrace overlooking the garden with views back towards Kings College Chapel.

King’s College Garden Hostel Cambridge photo / information from NRAP 050309

The architects note on their website, “We obtained Planning Consent for King’s College for additions to their 1952 hostel on the listed Fellows’ Garden. This, the first phase building, caters for 32 undergraduates, each with their own shower and most with private balconies. The third floor Common Room opens on to a shared terrace.”

Location:Cambridge, UK

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King’s College Garden Hostel Cambridge

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