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Pizza 4P’s Restaurant in Phnom Penh

26 Mar 2023

Design: Bloom Architecture

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Pizza 4P's Restaurant Phnom Penh

Photos by Robert Kleiner Photography

Pizza 4P’s Restaurant, Cambodia

Bloom Architecture transform plastic waste into the material of the new Pizza 4P’s Restaurant in Phnom Penh

Pizza 4P's Restaurant Phnom Penh

This innovative and conscious concept demonstrates the role of creatives such as BLOOM to turn a challenge of today in Southeast Asia – the plastic polluting our environment – to become a source of happiness for tomorrow – louvers for the brand new flagship restaurant for Pizza 4P’s.

Pizza 4P's Restaurant Phnom Penh Cambodia Pizza 4P's Restaurant Phnom Penh Cambodia

7.8 tons of plastic (the equivalent of the waste for 70 persons over a year) were collected from Milk boxes, snack bags, straws, food containers and market boxes in order to be recycled by PLASTICPEOPLE to fabricate louvers which will dress the interiors of the restaurant and protect the glass facade from sun radiation.

Pizza 4P's Restaurant Phnom Penh

Expanding on the zero waste concept from PIZZA4PS, not only did the team creatively salvage materials, a plastic recycling hub usable by all patrons will be built into the store.

Pizza 4P's Restaurant Cambodia

Sitting at the corner of a busy crossroad of the BKK1 district of Phnom Penh, this colorful open structure acts as a symbol of contemporary society. Together with the owner, constructor and supplier, BLOOM developed an architecture which conveys values about using local resources and sustainability to educate the future generation in a fun, attractive way.

Pizza 4P's Restaurant Cambodia

Pizza 4P's Restaurant Phnom Penh

What was the brief?
The project aims to expand on the Zero Waste concept from Pizza 4P’s which reinforces their determination toward sustainability to make a better impact on the local community and the planet.

Pizza 4P's Restaurant Cambodia

What were the solutions?
We kicked off with the use of a core material, recycled plastic profile (23*55*2400mm) fabricated from 7.8 tons of plastic waste by PlasticPeople in Vietnam. The profiles were assembled to become louver, dressed the existing building entirely while still maintaining a full preservation of the existing elements such as the curtain wall, roof, structure and surrounding greenery, an approach that made zero impact on the existing condition. On top of that, existing elements on site were also creatively salvaged to their newfound value.

Pizza 4P's Restaurant Phnom Penh

The deficient wooden beams were recycled to be 3 benches, a total of 10 meters length and fortunately in a natural reddish tone that matches perfectly to the interior palette after scraping off the old paint. Wooden deck that was on top of the beams was reused as formwork for the new concrete floor casting. The dropped ceiling was repurposed as a fixation for the new wood wool ceiling cladding. Last but not least, chipped ceramic plates from the other Pizza 4P’s store were collected to clad the pizza ovens, a meaningful ornamentation to the beating hearts of the restaurant.

Pizza 4P's Restaurant Cambodia

What were the key challenges?
The challenge was the pursuit of sustainability in design and construction form within a limited given timeline, which drove us to pursue the project in a different angle and to take extra conscious steps to create the most out of the least resources.

Pizza 4P's Restaurant Phnom Penh Cambodia

Pizza 4P’s Restaurant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Building Information

Architects: Bloom Architecture –
Antoine Meinnel for BLOOM ARCHITECTURE
Owner: PIZZA 4P’S
Team – Antoine Meinnel (partner), Cristina Toran (associate in charge), Heng Thanak (associate in charge), Nong Demy (project leader), Korn Seinekoun, Nget Choulong, Antoine Contour

Project size: 465 sqm
Completion date: 2022

Owner: Pizza 4P’s
Contractor: Red Furnesse Co Ltd

Pizza 4P's Restaurant Phnom Penh Cambodia

Pizza 4P's Restaurant Phnom Penh Cambodia

Photography: Robert Kleiner Photography

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Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Southeast Asia

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