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Budapest Building Developments

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Central European Architectural Projects + Key New Property Designs, alphabetical:

Art Shield – Vörösmarty Pavilion

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Nedű Street House in Budapest

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Pannónia Apartment Building in Budapest

Paris Court in Brudern House

Proposal for Museum of Ethnography

Széll Kálmán Square Budapest

The Duna Arena in Budapest

The New House of Hungarian Music competition entry

Tulipán Street Buda

Villa Black in Budaliget

Villa Cinquecento in Budapest

Workstation Cabin in Budapest

Location: Budapest, Hungary, central Europe

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Hungarian Architecture

Paris Court in Brudern House, Ferenciek Square, designed by KROKI and architecture studio ARCHIKON:
Paris Court in Brudern House Budapest developments
photo : Tamás Bujnovszky
Paris Court in Brudern House

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This is the capital and the largest city of Hungary, and one of the largest cities in the European Union. It is the country’s principal political, cultural, commercial, industrial, and transportation centre, sometimes described as the primate city of Hungary.

It has architecturally noteworthy buildings in a wide range of styles and from distinct time periods, from the ancient times as Roman City of Aquincum in Óbuda, which dates from around 89 AD, to the most modern Palace of Arts, the contemporary arts museum and concert hall.
source: wikipedia

Art Shield, Vörösmarty square designed by Hello Wood:
Art Shield Vorosmarty Pavilion Budapest
photograph : Zsuzsa Darab
Art Shield – Vörösmarty Pavilion Budapest
Known for its innovative temporary installations, the Budapest-based Hello Wood Studio has approached the winterization of the monument in Vörösmarty square in Budapest with a fresh, contemporary view.

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