Partage Shopping Brasília Building

Partage Shopping Brasília, Brazil Retail Building Project, Brazilian Architecture Images

Partage Shopping Brasília Building Design

15 April 2022

Architects: Cité Arquitetura + Sá&Almeida Arquitetura e Paisagismo

Location: Presidente Juscelino Kubitscheck, s/nº, Área Especial UC4.045 – Lago Sul, Brasília – DF, 71608-900, Brazil

Partage Shopping Brasília Building

Partage Shopping Brasília News

Partage Shopping In Brasília (Brazil) With Architecture By Cité Arquitetura + Sá & Almeida Arquitetura E Paisagismo And A LEED Certificate

Sustainable materials and integration with the native cerrado biome are factors for LEED certification for Brasília’s first lifestyle center

Partage Shopping Brasília Building

The conception of Partage Shopping Brasília (Brazil) was born from the search for innovation, in a joint work between the Brazilian architectural firms Cité Arquitetura, led by Celso Rayol and Fernando Costa, and Sá & Almeida, led by Marcos Sá, with the support of the consultant André Ryfer and the architect Ian Joels, added by the contributions of the Partage Group.

Partage Shopping Brasília Building

Holistically, the premise involved was to integrate architecture, interiors, landscaping, and furniture design with the local landscape and culture, in addition to achieving LEED certification for sustainability.

Partage Shopping Brasília Building

“Understanding the role played by malls in unifying place and collectivity in urban life, associated with the yearning for contact with the outer world around us and its preservation, this project becomes a beacon of innovation in the Brazilian shopping mall market”, says Celso Rayol from Cité Arquitetura.

Partage Shopping Brasília Building

The project, which spreads over its terrain creating wide and fluid spaces, permeated by natural light and cross ventilation, kept much of the existing native vegetation and captured the textures and colors of the cerrado in its elements.

Partage Shopping Brasília Building

“Its main anchor is not the complex store, but a park of ten thousand square meters, with more than a thousand preserved native trees, a true “public promenade” interspersed with a diversity of uses in close relationship with the outdoors”, says Marcos Sá from Sá & Almeida firm. In the landscaping, the sinuous forms in the paving and furniture are inspired by the trails that cut the local highlands in the South American savannah, taking inspiration in the rock formations while seeking visual amplitude and spatial diversity.

Partage Shopping Brasília, Brazil retail building design

The project complements an existing urban infrastructure hub, formed by a commercial park and the international airport of Brazil’s capital city. It was designed in a way that commercial operations and leisure options can now count with an attractive promenade, in constant contact with nature and the outdoors, adding a new architectural narrative to its immediate surroundings. The poetic perception of the different phases of natural light during the day makes for a true walk in the open air, combining the sensory experience with commercial use.

Partage Shopping Brasília, Brazil retail building design

“The mall was born, since the initial project, with the most up-to-date concepts of sustainability, with LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, used for green buildings) as a goal, prompting the natural lightning and ventilation projects and leading up to integration with the native cerrado species preserved inside the mall”, explains Adriano Capobianco, commercial and new business director at Partage Group.

Partage Shopping Brasília, Brazil retail building design

The inspiration in place is reflected in the architecture by its shapes, the texture of the coatings, and the predominant reddish color that refers to the clay characteristics of the soil in the Planalto Central, where Brasília sets place in the center of the country. Shops and kiosks sprout from the ground like termite mounds or rocks of the Cerrado, while large light slatted roofs shade the space like the clouds in Brasilia’s famous sky. Perforated sheets in the shape of leaves draw attention to the richness of the native flora, protecting the Gourmet Market. In it, there are several restaurant options and points of sale of regional and international producers with a rich offer of special products. The space will also hold gastronomy workshops.

Partage Shopping Brasília, Brazil retail building

It’s a shopping center for a new era, focused on experience and lifestyle, offering healthier environments and a new concept of collective space. A project that balances the experience of urban public spaces and life in society in a more sustainable setting, reflecting the landscape and local culture, where nature participates effectively in architecture.

Partage Shopping Brasília, Brazil retail building design

Partage Shopping Brasília, Brasil – Building Information

Architecture, Landscape and Interiors: Cité Arquitetura + Sá&Almeida Arquitetura e Paisagismo
Area: 76.473,02 m² (constructed area) and 178.708,85m² (building site)
Year: 2021
Authors: Celso Rayol, Fernando Costa e Marcos Sá
Team: Eduardo Romano, Daniel Osório, Lucia Andrezo, André Caterina, Thiago Godoy, Vanessa Moreira, Fabiana Melo, Júlia de Queiroz, Mateus Fragoso, Camilla Rocha, Rafael Romero, Juliana Ramos, Glauco Lobato, Luciano Melo, Luisa Valverde, Amanda Santos, Lilian Vieira, Leonardo Leal, Mateus Keiper, Pedro Brito, Luiz Eduardo Rayol, Gabriela Sales, Daniel Nardelli e Gustavo Martins

Images: Cité Arquitetura

Partage Shopping Brasília, Brazil retail building design

Consultants: André Ryfer e Ian Joels
Structure: Modus Engenharia
Foundation and restraint: Apoio Engenharia
Drainage, earthworks and paving: Conceito Engenharia
Sondagem: FRB Engenharia
Topography: Projetop Topografia
Installations, fire and automation: PGMAK
Climatization: Contractors
Environment Comfort: Seed Solution
Visual communication: Modonovo
Lighting: Senzi
Accessibility: Paula Dias
Acoustics: Akkerman Alcoragi
Window Frames: Crescêncio Engenharia
Waterproofing: Proiso
Real Estate Manager: Grupo Partage

City: Brasília
Country: Brasil

Partage Shopping Brasília, Brazil retail building design

Cite Architecture

Cité Arquitetura is a studio with 10 years whose joint experience of its partners goes back over 30 years. Founded by architects Celso Rayol, president of AsBEA-RJ, professor and postgraduate at PUC-Rio, and Fernando Costa, a counselor at Ademi-RJ and postgraduate at FGV, Cité Arquitetura values the organization and method in the creation of projects and has a multidisciplinary technical team, prepared to design at different scales and programs.

These attributes guarantee quality control and more synergy in the meeting of the works with the city. In addition, believe that the projects that have brought us awards are the result of our understanding that designing is not a monologue, but part of a broader dialogue with the city.

Among some of his award-winning works are Sorocaba 112, one of the Cité’s first, and the modernization of the JK Memorial, in Brasília, nominated for Building of the Year in 2017 by Archdaily; Borges 3647, winner of the AsBEA/RJ Award in 2017 in the Residential Buildings category, member of the yearbook of Projeto magazine in 2020 and nominated for the Work of the Year 2022 Award at Archdaily Brasil; Miguel Couto, in the shortlist of the Domus Prize for Restoration and Conservation, an international award from Build magazine; and the Complexo Multiuso, on Ilha do Fundão, awarded in the Professional category of the Saint Gobain Award in 2015.

As a set of work, Cité was named Most Client-Focused Residential Architecture Studio by Build Magazine in 2021. At Partage Shopping Brasília we had the opportunity to collaborate with Sá&Almeida Arquitetura, further expanding the idea of architecture as a result of constant dialogue.

Sá&Almeida Arquitetura e Paisagismo

Sá & Almeida Arquitetura e Paisagismo is a firm operating in Architecture, Landscaping, and Urbanism dating back 25 years. Founded by Marcos Moraes de Sá (UFRJ 1985), an architect with a postgraduate degree in aesthetics and a master’s degree in landscaping, a member of the IAB, ASBEA, and ABAP, he is the author and co-author of more than 150 projects, primarily in Rio and in different cities of the country, some of them were published in Guia de Arquitetura Contemporânea (2005), Guia da Arquitectura (2016) in Rio de Janeiro, and specialized magazines in Brazil and abroad.

He is the author of the books Ornament and Modernismo; The Figner Mansion: Eclecticism and the Bourgeois House at the Beginning of the 20th Century; and the article “Architecture: a historical journey” in the Guia da Arquitetura do Rio de Janeiro, among other publications.

Partage Shopping Brasília images / information received 150422 from Cité Arquitetura + Sá&Almeida Arquitetura e Paisagismo

Address: Presidente Juscelino Kubitscheck, s/nº, Área Especial UC4.045 – Lago Sul, Brasília – DF, 71608-900, Brazil

Phone: +55 11 3811-1111

Location: Brasilia, DF, Brazil, South America

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