Mellensee House, Berlin Wohnhaus, Klausdorf Residence, German Property Design

Wohnhaus am Mellensee, Berlin : minimumhouse

Klausdorf Property, Germany – design by Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten

5 Mar 2012

minimumhouse – Wohnhaus am Mellensee

Mellensee, south of Berlin, Germany

Design: Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten

English text (scroll down for German):

residential house at Mellensee. Systems building in glass and wood

Wohnhaus am Mellensee

The minimumhouse at Mellensee, situated to the south of Berlin, is a prototype for a serial holiday and residentialhouse. Under the label minimumhouse it is offered including all furniture and fittings.

The concept was developed by the ideal of a house with maximum outdoor impressions and also by making full use of the solar yields for the building.

The reflections of glass and light make the three-side glassed building shells appear immaterial. The team consisting of architects, engineers, building physicists and executing companies developed a modular building concept, that allows a contemporary open-plan living with high ecological and economic standards.

Mellensee House Wohnhaus am Mellensee Wohnhaus Klausdorf Klausdorf Residence
photos : Christian Gahl, Ulrich Hellwig

The Institute for Building and Solar Technology, Braunschweig developed in several simulations various thermic and technical alternatives for the building services to obtain the optimal solution for each location.

The annual heating requirements answer to the low-energy standard. Soil sensor, ceiling-mounted radiation heating, controlled ventilation and a heat recovery support thermic automation. A bus system constantly supervises and regulates the house.

The floor plan organisation and the ideal orientation of the house –north side closed, the other sides paned- enable active and passive use of solar energy.

A solar system is placed on the extensively vegetated flat roof.

The northern wall is a highly insulated, two-shell timber frame construction. The southern facade is a flush fixed glazing mullion-transom construction.

Sliding windows permit to open the west and east facades.

A core, that is placed in this volume, integrates building services, closet and flight of stairs and also divides the floor plan into zones.

All materials and surfaces used for the minimumhouse have been chosen in accordance to ecological and sustainable criteria.

Mellensee House Haus am Mellensee Wohnhaus Klausdorf Klausdorf Residence
photos : Christian Gahl, Ulrich Hellwig

minimumhouse – Building Information

Title: Residentialhouse at Mellensee. Systems building in glass and wood
Awarding authority: minimumeinrichten gmbh
Concept and development: Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten
Completion: 2008
Living space: 128 sqm
Gross floor area: 151 sqm
Cubature: 514 cbm
Location: Klausdorf, Germany
Award: Heinze ArchitektenAWARD 2010
Photographs: Christian Gahl, Ulrich Hellwig

Materials: northern facade: a highly insulated, two-shell
timber frame construction
southern facade: a flush fixed glazing
mullion-transom construction

Mellensee House Haus am Mellensee
photos : Christian Gahl, Ulrich Hellwig

minimumhouse – Baueninformationen

Wohnhaus am Mellensee. Systembau aus Glas und Holz
Auftraggeber: minimumeinrichten gmbh
Entwurf u. Planung: Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten
Fertigstellung: 2008
Wohnfläche: 128 qm
BGF: 151 qm
BRI: 514 cbm
Standort: Am See 26 15838 Klausdorf
Auszeichnung: Heinze ArchitektenAWARD 2010
Fotos: Christian Gahl

Materialien: Nordwand: hoch cellulosegedämmte
Holzständerkonstruktion zweischalig aufgebaut
Südfassade: flächenbündige festverglaste

Wohnhaus am Mellensee images / information from Scheidt Kasprusch Architekten

Location: Mellensee, Berlin, Germany

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