School Brug, Bocholt Building, Belgium

Brug School, Bocholt Building, Belgian Education Design, Architects

School Brug, Bocholt, Belgium

Belgian Education Building – design by UArchitects + LENS°ASS architecten

24 Feb 2020
School De Brug, Brugstraat 22, 3950 Bocholt, Belgium
Architects: UArchitects / Misak Terzibasiyan in cooperation with Lens Ass Architecten
School de Brug Building Bocholt Belgium
photography : Daan Dijkmeijer
School Brug, Bocholt
In its approach to visualizing education, the School De Brug fosters an ambivalence. First of all there is the centric way of education and the concentric arrangement of the school around its pupil.

26 Oct 2011

School Brug Award News

Architects: UArchitects and LENS°ASS architecten

English text (Scroll down for Dutch):

First prize in Belgium for UArchitects

Arch School Awards, 2011 Edubuild
National Exhibition For Construction, Renovation And Maintenance Of Education

Elementary School “The” Bridge Bocholt COMMUNITY EDUCATION “Limburg” NORTH,
Winner in the category: future realization

UArchitects proudly announce that they received – in cooperation with Lens Ass – the first prize in Belgium for our future school project for the primary school Brug at Bocholt, which will be built in 2012.

The jury consisted of only expert in the field of architecture and school building under the chairmanship of former Belgium state architect Bob van Reeth, the jury decided for our project in Bocholt.

Arch School Awards are in three categories – 1. School construction project realized – 2. realized project school renovation / expansion – 3. future school project.

We have done this project in cooperation with Lens Ass and are the winners of third category for this competition.

There were 54 projects registered to compete for this Belgium prize.

UArchitects: Misak Terzibasiyan and Emile van Vugt

School Brug School Brug Bocholt

Dutch text:

Basisschool De Brug

Eerste prijs in de categorie : toekomstige realisatie


Winnaar in de categorie: toekomstige realisatie

Wij kunnen met gepaste trots melden dat UArchitects i.s.m Lens Ass de eerste prijs in Belgie hebben ontvangen in de derde categorie van toekomstig project scholenbouw voor Belgie . Het betreft hrt ontwerp voor de basisschool de Brug te Bocholt, waarvan de bouw in 2012 moet worden gestart.

De jury bestond uit louter deskundige op het vlak van architectuur en scholenbouw onder de voorzitterschap van Bob van Reeth voormalig Vlaamse bouwmeester , de jury heeft voor ons project in Bocholt gekozen.

Uitreiking vond plaats op 20 oktober 2011 van de eerste ‘Arch School Awards’ voor drie architecten(bureaus) die zich onderscheiden hebben in drie verschillende categorieën – 1. gerealiseerd project school nieuwbouw – 2. gerealiseerd project school renovatie/uitbreiding – 3. toekomstig project scholenbouw.

Wij behoren tot de prijswinnaar i.s.m. Lens Ass in derde categorie voor deze prijsvraag

UArchitects: Misak Terzibasiyan en Emile van Vugt

School Brug in Bocholt – Building Information

Architects: UArchitects and LENS°ASS architecten

Project Title: SCHOOL BRUG
Client: Government Belgium
Size: 2,000 m²
Location: Bocholt
Status: Competition – preliminary design
Collaboration : LENS°ASS architecten

UArchitects has, in cooperation with LENS°ASS architecten, won a competition in Belgium.

This design is a round and a special sustainable school with new experience of education and the use of architecture with references to the educational aspects.

The design of the surroundings is also made by the architects and is planned in a such a way that the childeren can play in different areas and spaces.

This school will be also used by the neighbourhood,as a theater and it also has possibilities for evening education.

It is a light beacon in the night and it gives visitors and users of this school a safe feeling. It is not only a welcome gesture to the society but it also forms a bridge to the future.

School Brug Belgium

UArchitects are based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

School Brug images / information from UArchitects

Maasberg Juvenile detention living
photo : Norbert van Onna

Location: Bocholt, Belgium

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