Noumea Masterplan, Pacific Waterfront Project, Melanesia Design

Noumea Masterplan : New Caledonia Architecture

Melanesian Building design by Woods Bagot Architects

13 Jan 2011

Noumea Waterfront Masterplan

Location: New Caledonia, Melanesia, southwest Pacific

Design: Woods Bagot, Architects

“An international affair…”

Woods Bagot wins major urban design project in Noumea, New Caledonia

Offering the City of Noumea a partner to work with, rather than a pre-conceived, concrete solution, was the winning approach for Woods Bagot – announced as the successful urban designers for the Strategic Masterplan for Noumea 2025. Woods Bagot showcased their excellence, whilst competing against some of the most prestigious European Urban Design firms such as Jean-Marie Charpentier (Beijing Opera House), Philippe Madek and Studio 09 (Grand Prix de l’Urbanisme).

“Through the development of a strong and clear methodology, inherent to our approach was to offer the City of Noumea a partner to work with, to enable the client to deliver on their vision – rather than delivering a predetermined, concrete solution,” said David Tregoning, Director, Woods Bagot.

Noumea Waterfront aerial view:

Noumea Masterplan: Pacific waterfront project

Managed by the government authorities (SODEMO) the city of Noumea and the “Port Autonome”, the Strategic Masterplan for Noumea 2025, will be delivered over a period of six months in partnership with Atelier DPJ (local architect), with a vision of eventually offering continuity in the long-term with a requirement for the design of public spaces such as a convention centre.

“Woods Bagot is excited to have this opportunity to assist Noumea in the development of this major waterfront development. This project will help guide urban development for New Caledonia for many decades to come.

These kinds of projects have the capacity to shape the vision of cities and it takes a bold commitment from the government and people of Noumea. Waterfront projects have a special kind of power to create excitement, shape impressions and attract development and tourism interest. As designers we are thrilled to help bring their vision and aspirations into a new built reality,” said Richard Marshall, Joint Group Managing Director, Woods Bagot.

An open international tender, the brief called for a ‘long-term vision,’ to promote the culture and ambition of the city. The masterplan services for the regeneration of the Noumea waterfront will play an important role in marketing the capital to the South Pacific and beyond.

“The Strategic Masterplan for Noumea 2025 is an important win for the Urban Design Studio in the Australian region and highlights the success of our ‘one global studio approach -’ enabled by global technology, we can seriously commit to working without boundaries,” said David Tregoning, Director, Woods Bagot.

Noumea Waterfront Masterplan Melanesia images / information from Woods Bagot, Architects

Woods Bagot

Location: Noumea, New Caledonia, Melanesia, Pacific

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