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Mr Goodbar in Adelaide

Architectural Interior Development in South Australia – design by Studio-Gram, Architects

18 Jan 2017

Mr Goodbar

Architects: Studio-Gram

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Mr Goodbar

Mr Goodbar

Mr. Goodbar, a nod to the old world, a smoky, yet elegant bar drawing inspirations from the roots of blues and soul, and all things New Orleans. A good place to sin.

Mr Goodbar

Mr Goodbar

Explain the Retail Space
Inspiration was taken from the roots of blues and soul music. The nods are subtle to avoid becoming thematic, the intent was to create a venue that had already settled into is locale. The interiors are a direct reflection of the offering, from the music through to the cocktails menu. They are all rooted in old world New Orleans, with smoky notes throughout. The dark timber reveals depth in the palette, has do the dark spirit cocktails that make up the menu. The central bar, allows bartenders a platform to overlook the whole of the venue. The building that houses Mr. Goodbar is State Heritage listed, and the new interior palette would have been completely at home in this building when it was originally constructed.

Mr Goodbar Mr Goodbar

Innovation and Excellence
This project has a sense of sublime design inside a space that previously wasn’t utilised. The innovative aspect was turning a relatively unusable ground floor space into a quirky entry point, a lobby bar, to drive users to a ‘bigger’ experience.

Mr Goodbar

Mr Goodbar Mr Goodbar

Explain the Design Project
Mr Goodbar, was a very interesting site, with a small ground floor footprint, that opens up to triple the size on the level 2. From an unassuming doorway on Union Street, the first stop is ground floor; a small bar and a cosy spot that really only fits 10 people. Head upstairs to the long expanse of the main space to take in the subtleties of the main reference point. The ability to pull patrons from the street to level 2 was paramount to the success of the venue. The material palette is consistent throughout, with dark stained timber, hints of brass and marble bars. It is a nod to old world New Orleans, and the dimly lit venues of that time and place.

Mr Goodbar Mr Goodbar

Mr Goodbar – Building Information

Design time: 4 months
Construction time: 6 months
Project size: 110 sqm
Completion date: Feb 2016

Mr Goodbar

Photography: Jonathan Vdk

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