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Light Wave in Byron Bay

Private Pool House and Landscape in NSW, Australia, design by Harley Graham Architects

24 Sep 2018

Light Wave – Byron Bay Pool House

Design: Harley Graham Architects

Location: Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

New South Wales Pool House & Landscape

 Light Wave in Byron Bay

Light Wave is a Landscape, Pool & Cabana project on Lighthouse Rd Byron Bay. Harley Graham Architects wanted to create a poetic sculpture for shelter looking over the pool. The Wave Cabana is a playful, sheltering piece of origami, which is juxtaposed against the rectilinear pool. The site looks over the bay. When in the pool the whole view opens up, and then becomes framed while in the timber barrel of the cabana.

 Light Wave in Byron Bay

The project has added something to the fabric of Byron Bay. It sits above a very prominent walkway called ‘The lighthousewalk’. People stream past it every day as they head towards the lighthouse. Most people love it and there is a wide array of nicknames for it throughout the town.

 Light Wave in Byron Bay

 Light Wave in Byron Bay

The engineers did an amazing job on a very steep site. The site is essentially a dune so foundation piers of 6m deep in two directions hold up the pool. The project cost was $170,000. A lot of this was sucked up in site prep and foundations. There was less an imperative on budget like most of Harley Graham Architects projects, and more about giving the client the experience they wanted.

 Light Wave in Byron Bay  Light Wave in Byron Bay

In sustainable terms the pool has a large holding tank set behind it underground that is fed by rainwater off the house roof.

 Light Wave in Byron Bay

No town water is connected to the pool or its pumps.

The timber is an integral part of the wave. The inside of the Wave Cabana is clad in Blackbutt, as well as the balustrade. The timber adds warmth and sensuality to the folded form.

 Light Wave in Byron Bay

Light Wave, Byron Bay – Building Information

Status: Complete
Team: Harley, Max
Engineers: Westera Partners
Builder: Atlanta

 Light Wave in Byron Bay

Photography: David Taylor

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Location: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

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