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Kangaroo Bay Pavilion in Hobart

8 Oct 2020

Kangaroo Bay Pavilion

Design: Preston Lane Architects

Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Kangaroo Bay Pavilion Hobart

Situated in the heart of the Kangaroo Bay Parklands, the Kangaroo Bay Pavilion sits lightly in its context – nestled between a bay, a playground and a sports oval. A coloured soffit, crisp white yacht mast-like columns and polished stainless steel enable the form to complement its surroundings and ‘borrow’ the landscape.

Kangaroo Bay Pavilion Hobart

The brief for the project called for a barbeque and amenities pavilion which also included a purposely designed ‘Changing Places’ accessible changing facility and ancillary storage.

Kangaroo Bay Pavilion Hobart

Early site visits identified a series of key views. Panoramic views of yachts in the marina and Mt Wellington beyond provide a counterpoint to the open space of the parklands and cricket oval adjacent. The planning of the pavilion has been generated to strengthen the existing site pathways, guiding pedestrian movement through and around its form.

Kangaroo Bay Pavilion Hobart

The bulk of the building is located away from the waterfront promenade allowing for social spaces to be on the waterfront edge. Access to the amenities is arranged to allow for visual surveillance of the area from the adjacent playground for parents.

Kangaroo Bay Pavilion Hobart

From the outset there was a strong desire to challenge the typical local amenity block (heavy, dark and mundane) through the creation of a welcoming, light and colour-filled structure. The roof pitches up gently creating volume in the communal barbequing area. Barbeque facilities are positioned to allow for multiple groups to use the barbeques and populate the space at the same time with ease.

Kangaroo Bay Pavilion Hobart

From a distance, the white pavilion is recessive. Colour is almost unnoticed until you are beside or standing under the shelter of the pavilion. The soffit is painted in 10 pastel shades to promote light and interest above the gathering spaces – arranged to transition from yellow (park), blue (water) and green (oval). Walking from the carpark towards the barbeque facilities – colours graduate and shift with the visitor’s movement through the space. Custom tables and bench seating are powder coated in highlight colours.

Mirror like polished stainless steel wraps and contains the amenities, reflecting and complementing its surround. The everchanging reflections created are theatrical, playful and slightly distorted – bringing delight to those walking past. From a distance, the bulk of the amenities appears to be almost invisible due to the reflection.

Coordination with Landscape Architects, Playstreet, was paramount to this project. A masterplan had been developed previously and construction of the far adjacent spaces had commenced. The edges surrounding the pavilion had been designed on a concept level only. The form of the building became a driver to mediate between the roadway and the water, and the park and the oval.

Kangaroo Bay Pavilion Hobart

Close consultation with engineers was required throughout the project. Structure was refined for both economy and to incorporate services in a seamless manner. Structural and hydraulic services are read as one – identical white (mast-like) cylindrical. Lighting fits seamlessly with the structure and the striation of the finishes of the project. The roof form was designed to have a thin weightless edge – reducing dominance from a distance.

Kangaroo Bay Pavilion Hobart

Kangaroo Bay Pavilion, Hobart, Tasmania – Building Information

Architect: Preston Lane Architects

Structural Engineer: Aldanmark
Landscape Architects: Playstreet

Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 1

Kangaroo Bay Pavilion Hobart

Photography: Adam Gibson

Kangaroo Bay Pavilion, Hobart images / information received 081020

Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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