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Athens Buildings : Architecture

Contemporary Greek Architectural Project – design by Julien De Smedt Architects

17 Apr 2008

Athens Buildings

Contemporary Building in Athens

The given program of the mixed-use building includes parking, commercial spaces, office space and housing, arranged in the following sequence: a 6 storey parking cellar, shopping and galleries half a level below street level, superposed by restaurants, shops half a floor above street level flanked by one floor of offices and two levels of housing on the top; an architectural moussaka!

Athens Buildings Athens Buildings Athens Buildings Athens Buildings

The Athens law requires all new development to provide 30% of unbuilt land for public use.

In this project we provide 30% of unbuilt and cleared to the sky as well as around 20 percent of unbuilt but covered. Thereby providing a very accessible ground floor. Due to its strategic position the site for the mixed-use building should ideally be a void: it would allow to connect 2 important poles of the neighbourhood, the AVDE Library square and the crossing of Megalou Alexandrou & Kolonthynthous.

Due to the difficult equation of land use and maximization of build substance, it’s almost impossible to join those ends. By cracking the ground across the site the project creates a canyon that links both ends.

Athens Building images / information from Julien de Smedt in 2008

Athens Building designer : Julien De Smedt Architects

Athens Buildings Athens Buildings Athens Buildings

Athens Mixed-Use Development – Building Information

Size: 5,500 M2
Status: ON-GOING

Athens Building by Julien de Smedt – Project Team

Julien de Smedt, Barbara Wolff, Kamilla Heskje, Alexandros Geroussis, Andy Vann, Dimitri Brisy, Dries Rodet, Federico Pedrini, Felix Luong, Lena Billmeier, Melissa Kim, Mike Robitz, Nicolas Kisic, Jens Vilhemson, Josua Gillet, Michaela Weisskirchner, Sandra-Tabea Hirschler, Taku Nagamatsu, Therese Wallstrom, Wouter Dons

Athens Mixed-Use Building design : JDS Architects

Location:Athens, Greece

Athens Buildings
Placebo Pharmacy Athens Building
photograph : P. Kokkinias

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