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Why Blue and White Will Never Go Out of Style

7 Oct 2019

Blue and white, especially as a combination, appear to be here to stay. And by here, we mean practically everywhere, throughout the world and the home, from London to Singapore, and from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Why blue and white never go out of style clouds

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons why blue and white will never go out of style.

Blue and White Style Guide


Blue and white are arguably the two most versatile colors for interior design, especially as a combination, and that versatility comes in a few different forms.

Different Color Combinations and Nuances for Different Vibes

Blue and white can be matched with virtually anything, even aerial and TV installation.

The vibes that can be achieved through blue and white cover pretty much the entire spectrum of moods and depend on the specific shades of the colors and the accents you choose in terms of furniture and space.

You’re inherently drawn to fresh, summary and relaxing atmosphere, then lighter, subtler tinges are generally the way to go. If you’re looking to recreate a beach vibe in particular, then by complementing blue and white with something sandy, whether it’s a wall, pieces of furniture, or even just the floor, you can turn your home into a permanent vacation house. To that end, some people also like to combine saturated blue with some yellow and green elements that make for beautiful contrasts, reminiscent of the tropical destinations we tend to associate with the idea of paradise.

The ability to mix blue with green and yellow is of particular importance because those are the two colors that most flowers and plants happen to have.

With a shift toward darker tones of blue, things tend to get more serious and perhaps even mysterious, however, the beauty of the colors in question is that unless you really go overboard, it’s hard for them to become overwhelming, much harder than it is for red, for example.

And then there are all the nuances in-between which are virtually endless. Blue and white tend to go great with neutral colors like brown and beige, making for some of the most universal combos in interior design.

Blue and gray are a match made in Heaven, and depending on the particular shades, they can imbue spaces with very distinctive atmospheres, often enticingly cold and elegant.

They Work for Every Room

Chances are you’ve been in a blue-and-white bedroom and living room. Those odds increase significantly when we talk about kitchens, and even more when bathrooms come into the conversation. That’s because blue and white can color your entire house without making you feel bored or indifferent, overwhelmed, or out of touch with interior design trends. You can probably even decorate your attic in these colours and you still can’t go wrong.

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Living Rooms

Living rooms tend to be the trickiest to decorate.

On the one hand, they usually involve a lot of different elements and moving parts, from furniture, to paintings, photos, vases, and more, which all have to come together. On the other, the pace at which interior design trends tend to change can be hard to keep up with, and living rooms and kitchens are the places where these fluctuations are the most pronounced.

The flexibility and versatility of blue and white simplify things tremendously. They go with lots of different colors and can complement lots of different moods.

Blue and white perhaps are the easiest way to stay on top of trends, too, as you only have to make small tweaks to the accents and/or embellishments to freshen things up.

Blue Helps You Sleep

Experts believe blue is the most suitable color for the bedroom as it helps you relax and respectively sleep better. If sleep is something you tend to struggle with and you need all the help you can get, softer shades of blue can tip the scales in your favor.

They Are Entrenched into Our Minds

Where do we constantly see blue and white? What springs to mind when you think about those colors? Happiness. Idyll. Or to be more precise, the sky when the weather is gracious, and the only thing amidst the perfect blue veil above us is a few pristine, white clouds to make the postcard-like view complete.

This is why blue and white, especially the lighter shades, feel so inherently fresh and positive – we subconsciously associate with the possibilities that come with a nice, sunny day.

Blue and white are the black of interior design – an absolute evergreen that will never fade away.

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