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When And How To Change Your Vape Coil?

10 Dec 2020

When and how to change your vape coil

So you own a vape, it comes with its perks, but there’s also a lot of maintenance involved. Part of the care has to do with changing the coils. Do this right, and you’ll extend your mod’s lifespan and enjoy the best vaping experiences.

On the other hand, neglecting this essential basic vape practice will have you replacing the entire mod sooner than later. Veterans in the vaping world would admit there are risks of using a vape coil that’s long past its hay days.

Hence, this post elaborates on when and how you should change your vape coil for the best results.

So let’s dive in!

How Often Should You Change Your Vape Coil?

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The answer to this question depends mainly on how often you vape. It could be either a week or month that you change your vape coil. Irrespective of how often you use your setup, you’ll still have to replace your coil at least once a month.

Hence, after your vaporizer coil has been in your vape setup for about four to five weeks, it needs changing. But you also have to consider the quality of your coil. You can purchase the cheap e juice online with the highest quality, but they also require replacement. That’s if you want the best taste and overall performance of the vape. Simply put, the coil is integral to the excellent performance of your vape.

5 Signs that Show it’s Time to Change Your Vape Coil

1.   Change in E-Juice Flavor

One of the first changes you’ll notice as your vape coil wears out is a slight change in the flavor of your e-liquid. At first, it might not be a significant shift, but you can tell that your e-juice taste is a bit off, not the good old stuff you formerly enjoyed. At this point, you know it’s the beginning of the end for your coil. The question is, how long can you take it? Note, it doesn’t get any better with time. Flavors are needed for vaping. The journey for your all-day-vape begins as soon as you find the right best vape juice.

2.   Burnt Taste in Your Vape

You know it’s time to change your vape coil when it begins to taste acrid and burnt.  Typically, the taste gets so unbearable, and your hit becomes a nightmare if you don’t do the obvious and replace the coil with a new one. Given the foul taste, the old coil isn’t worth your time. Plus, you might put yourself at risk of heavy metals if you continue with a coil that’s past its good days. Of course, this depends on the makings of your coil. Just Cannabis offers devices made from the best materials.

3.   A Leaking Vape

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It is essential to state that the coil isn’t the only cause of a leaking vape. Leaks are also a result of an overfilled tank or old O-rings, and you’ll find your e-liquid spilling out of your vape. But this can also be the case when your coil is worn out and needs replacement. However, you might need to take your vape apart and check out the coil. This way, it’s easier to determine if it’s the cause of the leaks.

4.   A Gurgling Vape

As earlier mentioned with the leaking vape, a gurgling sound in your vape can also result from more than one factor. However, it’s often caused partly by a bad coil. This sound is a sign that your coil isn’t performing its duties effectively. Hence, the first action you can take is to replace the coil. However, if the gurgling persists after changing the coil, you know your vape has another problem entirely.

5.   Significant Reduction in Vapor Production

Vape coils aren’t meant to last forever. Thus, the vapor produced gradually reduces over time. As the lifespan of your coil draws to an end, the amount of vapor decreases accordingly. A significantly reduced vapor output should tell you that your coil is long past its good days. However, it’s vital to state that you can prolong your vape coil’s lifespan by routine cleanups. Also, do check your battery because a dying vape battery will also produce smaller clouds.

4 Steps to Change Your Vape Coil

1.   Expose Your Vape Coil

The first step to replacing your vape coil is to disassemble the entire setup. For this, you’ll have to consult the manual of your vape. Usually, the process involves unscrewing the vape tank. Next, you want to expose the coil by removing the bottom from the top portion. You can either do this when the tank is empty or full. Just remember to wrap it in a paper towel.

2.   Empty The Tank

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Next, you will empty the vape tank. Then clean out the tank in preparation for a fresh e-juice and new coil. This practice ensures that your coil changing isn’t too messy, and you get the best vaping experience.

3.   Prepare Your Wicking Material

To prevent the dry wick from burning after you’ve replaced your old coil, you need to avoid putting your new coil into the vape immediately. The best practice is to pre-soak in e-juice. Preferably, you can use about 5 to 10 drops. But the amount usually depends on the size of the coil and the wick it needs. Remember, you need to use the same e-liquid you intend to use to refill the tank to pre-soak your wicking material.

4.   Unscrew, Replace, and Refill

Replacing the coil itself is a simple and easy process. Unscrew the old coil at the bottom of your vape. Next, fix the new coil and screw it with the pre-soaked wicking material properly in place. Proceed to fill the vape tank with the same e-liquid you used to pre-soak your wicking material in the previous step. Finally, you can reassemble the entire vaping device and rock your new coil and e-liquid. Now, you’re ready for an improved vaping experience with your new coil.

When and how to change your vape coil – Conclusion

Practice makes perfect, so you can expect to get accustomed to the mechanism of replacing your coils as you do it more often. You should also notice the minor changes quickly and know when it’s right to replace an old coil. Remember, it’s better to be proactive and stock up on coils to avoid running out.

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