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Are You Unhappy With Your Pod Vaping System? Try a New Vape Pen

6 Sep 2020

There’s no doubt that pod systems are the hottest things in vaping these days, but as you’ve likely noticed, they also have some fairly significant performance issues. Pod systems entered the vaping market in 2015 as simple devices marketed to beginning vapers. They were very small and portable, and with features like disposable pre-filled pods and magnetic charging docks, they were absolutely perfect for people who had no prior vaping experience.

Try a New Vape Pen: Pod Vaping System

Now that pod systems have been on the market for five years, though, it’s definitely safe to say that they aren’t just for beginners anymore. As soon as the first pod systems began to experience mainstream sales success, manufacturers of vaping products knew that they’d need to design more advanced pod systems to sell to the owners of the earliest pod-based devices when those people decided it was time for an upgrade. The strategy worked. Today, there are probably hundreds of thousands of vapers in the world who are using their second or third pod systems and have never used any other type of device.

The one problem is that, once you’ve owned a few different pod-based vaping devices, their limitations become very clear. If you’re on your second or third pod system, you probably understand that statement perfectly. After all of these years, pod systems have improved very little in flavour quality. They’re fairly expensive to own due the high cost of replacement pods, and their battery life is often severely lacking.

If you’re starting to feel limited by your pod-based vaping device, this article is for you. You’ve simply reached the point where a vaping device geared toward beginners isn’t going to satisfy you anymore. It’s time to upgrade to a vape pen. Here’s why.

Vape Pens Are Just as Easy to Use as Pod Systems

If you’ve already begun to scout the marketplace for potential new vaping devices, you may have seen the large box mods that many vape shops sell and decided that’s not the type of device for you. Box mods are the biggest, heaviest and most complex devices in the vaping industry, and they’re not for everyone. If you’re just looking for something that provides better performance than your pod system, you may not be interested in going through the jump in complexity that buying a box mod would entail.

If you’re looking for a device that upgrades your vaping experience while still keeping things as simple as possible, a vape pen is going to be perfect for you. Let’s use the XEO Void vape pen from V2 Cigs UK as an example.  Since the Void has a large top opening, it’s actually easier to fill than most pod systems. The Void’s top hardware is also its only moving part, so manipulating that one component is the only thing that you need to do with the device, whether you’re refilling the tank or replacing the coil. It’s designed for people who want to put as little effort into vaping as possible.

The XEO Void also has two unique convenience and safety features that you won’t find in many other vape pens. The first of those is a child-resistant top cap. To remove the cap, you need to push it down before twisting it. The second unique feature of the XEO Void is its mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is metal, but it has a vortex-shaped plastic insert that eliminates spitting and leaking.

With that out of the way, let’s learn more about why you can expect a significantly better vaping experience when you upgrade from a pod system to a vape pen. You should try using Delta 8 vape pens.

A Vape Pen Gives You Better Flavour Than a Pod System

The biggest benefit of upgrading from a pod system to a vape pen is that a vape pen including shroom pens will give you an infinitely better flavour experience. With a pod system, you store your e-liquid in a plastic container, and your atomizer coil has a silica wick. If a pod system is the only type of vaping device you’ve ever used, you may have been completely happy with the flavour. You’re going to experience a whole new world, though, when you upgrade to a device that uses a glass tank and a cotton wick.

A Vape Pen Costs Less Than a Pod System

Over time, you’re going to find that a vape pen has a much lower cost of ownership than a pod system. That’s because replacement pods for a pod system usually come in packs of two, while replacement coils for a vape pen like the XEO Void come in packs of five and cost about the same. Switching to a vape pen can make a major difference in the amount of money that you pay to vape.

A Vape Pen Can Help You Reduce Your Nicotine Consumption

Since vape pens typically have larger and more efficient atomizer coils – not to mention vastly improved airflow – the vapour production of a vape pen is usually dramatically better than that of a pod system. If you’re switching to a device that produces larger vapour clouds than the device you’re using now, you can reduce the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. If you reduce your nicotine strength without increasing how often you use your device, you’ll consume less total nicotine than you presently do. If you want to, you could even use your vape pen as a springboard toward eventually using no nicotine at all.

Better Battery Life Than a Pod System

Vape pens are typically larger than pod systems, and that enables them to hold larger battery cells. While a pod system generally has a battery capacity of around 200-400 mAh, a vape pen may have a battery capacity as high as 1,000-1,500 mAh.

Having a vaping device with a higher-capacity battery isn’t just a matter of being able to vape longer between battery charges; it also means that the device itself may last longer before you need to replace it. A lithium-ion battery lasts for a limited number of charge-discharge cycles, so it stands to reason that if you don’t need to charge a battery as frequently, it may have a longer life.

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