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Places to visit in Kerala during Rainy Season

5 Jan 2022

Visit Kerala monsoon season river

“It’s raining; it’s Pouring. Old man is sleeping …” according to the famous English nursery rhyme. The monsoons can be the time when people are more inclined to be indoors. But, it is the perfect time to pack up your bags and embark on an excursion to Kerala. Kerala is one of the most well-known tourist destinations, experiencing its monsoon rains between June and July.

The monsoons aren’t just about rain. There are some of the most breathtaking moments, such as the fragrant smell of the earth as the first raindrops hit the ground and cool temperatures, peaceful atmosphere, and the refreshing sunbeam following the rain. Here are some reasons why you should go to Kerala during monsoons and some suggestions on the destinations to visit.

Vsit Kerala in the monsoon season

The main motives to visit Kerala in the monsoon season from June to July:

  1. Perfect time to get Ayurvedic treatments:

Ayurvedic therapies and spas are well-known in the eyes of tourists from abroad and many who visit Kerala want treatments and massages. If you’re looking to enjoy a rejuvenating experience, then the monsoons are a great time for Kerala trip.

According to Ayurvedic tradition, with humid and cooler climates, the month of June is the perfect time to have these treatments. The lack of dust can open the skin, making the procedure more effective in June.

  1. The thundering waterfalls:

The monsoon rains that occur in June can increase water flow in the waterfalls, bringing them to full-on life. You can spend hours watching them in their total splendor. One of the most famous waterfalls of Kerala can be found in Athirappally.

It is located within the Thrissur district of Kerala at the height of about 1000 feet. Above sea-level, on the Chalakudy River.

  1. Explore the tranquil backwaters:

When visiting Kerala, it is impossible to miss the opportunity to take a cruise on a houseboat. Take a cruise along the beautiful backwaters of Kerala by the houseboat. Take in the tiny villages, temples and churches, and the stunning surroundings all around.

It is also possible to enjoy an exquisite meal served on board. A few of the renowned backwaters in Kerala can be found in Alleppey. Monsoon rains make Kerala’s backwater look more stunning during the months of June and July.

  1. Budget-conscious savers:

As the monsoon time period is generally considered an “off-season”, most resorts or hotels reduce their prices and announce special offers during summer and in July. So, travelers can travel and spend their vacation and still stay within their budgets in the Kerala during the monsoon period.

Visit Kerala during rainy season guide housboat

  1. More peaceful and less more crowded:

If you travel to a place during peak times it will be overrun by travelers. This means that one might not be able to appreciate nature’s beauty in the location and be content since they will be overwhelmed by the influx of tourists into. So, the monsoon season is the ideal time to visit with fewer people, and more time to appreciate the stunning beautiful nature!

Visits to places in Kerala in June

  1. Athirappally

Athirappally is located inside The Thrissur District of Kerala. It is among the most popular water falls in India. It is also known as the Niagara of Kerala’ it is the biggest waterfall that are found in Kerala.

It is situated at an elevation of 1000 feet. above sea-level, on the Chalakudy River. It is also one of the most renowned filming locations. If you’re lucky you happen to get to meet film stars and see the film shooting process!

  1. Alleppey

The picturesque backwaters of Alleppey are must-visit locations. A houseboat cruise along the peaceful waters will make anyone feel at home in this spot.

On the boat cruise you can take in the beautiful scenery, tiny village folk doing their daily tasks as well as temples and churches. The trip on the houseboat can be enjoyable by tasting the tasty food that is prepared and served on board.

  1. Munnar

This is a spot that is among the top choices of tourists, regardless of the seasons. With its lush greenery and misty mountains, this hill station is an absolute delight for nature lovers.

It is situated inside the Idukki district of Kerala in India and is located around 1600m high above sea level. This hill station has a variety of tourist attractions , including those of the Eravikulam National Park, Mattupetty Dam, Kundala Dam/ Lake and many more.

  1. Thekkady

In addition, it is situated within also in the Idukki district within the Indian state of Kerala This place offers an opportunity to see the wildlife that inhabits Kerala.

Thekaddy is situated on its banks along the River Periyar. Along with it’s Periyar forest, abundant in greenery as well as wildlife, a visit here is a great one.

These aren’t the places you can go to. The options are endless. Kerala offers a variety of destinations that are worth exploring regardless of the season.

Every person has experienced the rain throughout their childhood, and even better, prayed that rains would not end. Kerala monsoon can be a time where we can relive these memories, soak up the rain, and awaken the child inside us.

They aren’t the only destinations to visit during your honeymoon. Kerala is God’s very own area, and it is filled with endless possibilities of attractions to pick from.

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