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Know how to create scintillating backdrops

13 September 2021

Know how to create scintillating backdrops

Know how to create scintillating backdrops that add depth to your event or theatre

You design a stage with the right backdrop to create an impact. Event management companies and theatre desperately want their backdrop to be visually striking, strong, and flexible.

A backdrop is a great way to deliver a message, build brand recognition, enhance an event’s theme, or promote a product/service. Regardless of using it in a small stage, meeting, ballroom, or big hall, there’s a stage backdrop for every occasion and setting, and every event calls for a backdrop.

  • If you’re a corporate honcho or business organization, event backdrops can amplify your event. The branding is impactful.
  • You can use the backdrops in photo booths, reception areas, media walls, and event registration or signup desks.
  • Backdrops help in engaging audience at massive functions and sporting events. They help in stylizing the venue and play the role of room dividers (hanging).
  • You can print custom imagery and designs on your backdrop to enhance the style and theme of your business event.

Backdrops also make engaging backgrounds for spiritual and motivational speakers.

Designing your event backdrop

You can plan a business seminar or a runway event. A stylish and chic backdrop is a crucial element that enlivens the event’s atmosphere. In today’s smartphone era, photos in front of backdrops go viral on social media, impacting potential investors and clients.

  • The first thing to consider while designing your backdrop is the banner size. To determine the right size, you need to know the head count (approximate) and the number of people you want your lens to capture in front of it.
  • Typically, backdrops range between 8*4 and 8*12 inches. Don’t underestimate the size as it could lead to disorganized and shabby pictures.
  • Though sponsor and corporation logos are already established, any private event like birthday bashes or family gatherings may need a new logo.
  • When creating a new logo design, choose a bold and readable font.
  • The backdrop design must match your company’s personality. For example, a travel and tourism company shouldn’t have a white or black backdrop. Choose from vibrant and radiant color schemes to complement your brand. Make the design dynamic.
  • Keep the logo high resolution but limit it in terms of numbers. Too many myriad logos create clutter in the backdrop, regardless of the pattern.

Follow the fundamentals

Place the units’ logo in a formal position. You can place them at a minimum height of 1.7m or even more, making sure that the individual standing on the stage doesn’t cover it. Keep it dark at the base or feet.

  • Your logo must be identical to or compliant with the graphic format. If your backdrop has only one or multiple logos, you can apply the different brand identities of the companies participating in the event.
  • In case there are too many logos, you may need to integrate a graphic element to create an individual background for the logos.

If there’s no paucity of space in terms of the backdrop’s height, the main content or name of the event must be at a proper height. If it’s a special event, you’ve the leverage of using fonts that don’t comply with the brand identity.

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