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Useful applications for architects

29 Jun 2022

With the changing face of technology and the working environment bringing new challenges for architects worldwide, making use of a host of tools and applications can be a huge help when both designing and navigating issues that you may be facing. You could get assistance with more than simple drawing capabilities, and with options out there for simplifying collaboration, managing paperwork and much more, you’re likely to find something that you can add to your everyday work routine. The only issue is, with so many out there, how do you narrow down your options?

Useful applications for architects

That’s where we come in. We’re bringing our top four selections for useful applications to you, to make your choice easier.

Useful applications for architects – Top 4 apps for architect firms

1. AutoCAD Mobile App

As one of the oldest and largest names in the design industry, almost every architect will have heard of the Autodesk brand. Their applications have been rated as the leading drafting and drawing software across a range of industries for years now, so we felt that the AutoCAD mobile app deserved the number one spot on our list. With the Computer-Aided Design capabilities, you’ll be able to design, edit, annotate, take measurements and even review all of your files – and as you can sync with the desktop software, you’ll be able to do everything on the go right on your smartphone.

2. ArchiSnapper

We selected ArchiSnapper as our number two application, as tools that can help architects in the field are just as important as those that focus on design. With easy-to-use functions focused on drafting field reports, both during and after site visits, you’ll be able to tick all of the necessary boxes quickly and concisely; including taking pictures, creating annotations and adding comments without the need for secondary assistance from tools like Microsoft Word. There are options for dictation too, which can be saved and shared online for editing. It also functions really well for architects who struggle with sharing projects in real-time and keeping communication open with clients and co-workers.

3. MagicPlan

With quick assistance in mind, MagicPlan is a great app that allows architects to sketch, as well as create 2D/3D floorplans and PDF files on the go. You’ll have the option to create floorplans and field reports and even quickly make estimates to ensure you don’t miss a thing. This app is particularly useful for small businesses, and all data can be stored, shared and synchronised from one central hub for ultimate functionality. We’ve placed MagicPlan as our third selection, as it’s one of the leading apps out there for calculating the costs of projects right on your mobile device.

4. ARki

One of the newer innovations for architectural design is augmented reality. With this in mind, ARki is our 4th selection. It has won awards for its capabilities and range of uses, and you won’t only be able to view your 3D renderings in a whole new way, but also to create shareable, interactive presentations with anyone you want. Additional features include the ability to import multiple models from a whole host of platforms and share the, toggling to view different aspects of your work and you can even make use of full-scale capabilities, so you can explore 3D models both on-site in real-time. It is available on iOS and has a Pro version for even more advantages.

Don’t forget to keep in the loop with advances in the architectural industry. There are a whole host of resources out there, so don’t hesitate to read an architecture journal or two, follow blogs and keep your finger on the pulse.

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