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Unlocking The Secrets Of Krug Champagne

23 July 2021

The legendary amalgamation of Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, and Pinot Noir, universally known as Krug Champagne, is the king of all the other champagnes in the club of sparkling wines.

Since the manufacture of its first piece in 1843, this wine is extensively famous for the existence of the singularity of each vine amidst the combination of three in its composition.

Unlocking the Secrets of Krug Champagne

Read further to know the chronicles of the Krug Champagne.

What makes Krug Champagne so remarkable?

The Krug Champagne perfectly demonstrates perseverance in its assemblage and refinement in its taste. It consists of two red grape varieties, Pinot Noir, which intensifies the aroma and shelf life of the champagne, and Meunier, which adds fruity flavor to its taste. The third part of the trio is Chardonnay that furnishes refinement to the wine.

The constituents are processed individually and then mixed to create the magic potion of Krug champagne.

It stays in the cellar for a minimum of 10 years before heading out in the market. The wine carries scents from flowers, hazelnuts, honey, and brioche on the nose to maintain the ethnicity of the renowned drink.

To maintain consistency with current times and ever-evolving taste buds, Krug champagne is persistently experimented with various ingredients such as potatoes, mushrooms, eggs, pepper, and fish to discover the untapped secrets that may enhance the tranquility of the existing taste of the wine.

What are the foods to be paired with Krug Champagne?

Champagnes have been credited to increase the flavor and contrast of the meal.

To celebrate your thanksgiving, pair the pork sausage with its evermore seasonings of herbs or choose hulled ribs of beef with the Krug’s Clos d’ Ambonnay, an exceptional Blanc de Noirs.

Krug’s Brut Rose often accompanies buttery dishes such as pea soup with foie gras, spicy chicken coconut curry, and barbequed venison.

The Vintage variety of  Blanc de Blancs, namely Clos du Mesnil, fills an appetite of a fish and roasted bird lover. It tastes best when taken along with tuna, roasted turkey, chicken, or even vegetable stews. It also neutralizes the acidity of the fish products, thus being accountable for a food lover’s health.

Although the brut vintage collection is legitimately compatible even with homemade paneer and popcorn,  Krug Vintage 2002  is best paired with sushi, 2000 with caramelized scallops, 1996 with barbecued lobster with a sauternes sauce and calf meat(veal) with black pepper.

The red mullet or seaweed broth, when paired with Krug Grande Cuvee 160 eme edition, inflicts on the umami taste buds.

Henceforth, each variety of Krug Champagne displays marvelous peculiarities when paired with food of suitable contrast.

Unlocking the secrets of Krug Champagne – Where to buy it?

If you’re looking for a bottle of eloquent Krug Champagne, Millesima House of Trade is your one-stop place to shop from the best collection, consisting of Krug Grande Cuvee 169 eme Edition, Krug: Vintage 2000, Krug: Collection 2002 1996, and a whole lot more.

This wine company houses more than 12,500 varieties in its magnificent cellars, now providing home deliveries in more than 120 nations.

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