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Your Home Redesign Doesn’t Have to Wait: Here’s Why

2 Mar 2021

Most homeowners love a cozy and well-designed home. However, redesigning your entire home takes a lot of work and money. Fortunately, you can redesign your space without necessarily going through major renovations. Here are a few home redesign tips that may help you transform your home without spending too much.

Your Home Redesign Doesn't Have to Wait

1.    Wallpaper

Wallpaper is easy to install and remove. It allows you to change the appearance of your home with minimal commitment. There are lots of options in the market and you can easily find one to match your space and personal preferences.  They come in interesting graphics, colors, and patterns. With the right wallpaper, your home will look like you had the help of an interior designer.

Pick wallpaper that is easy to peel off without damaging your walls. In most cases, you may be able to reuse it. Consider covering one wall in the room with interesting wallpaper. Geometric patterns are funky and captivating.

2.    Focus on the Bathroom

Doing a bathroom overhaul will impact your entire home. Start by deep cleaning it and changing outdated fixtures like faucets and knobs, Bathrooms are likely to get dingy and dirty faster than other rooms in your home. Neglecting them can affect the mood of your entire home. Consider getting coupons for your cleaning products, shower curtains, and anything else that you may need.

There are coupons for detergent, toilet cleaners, and shower curtains. You can view more coupons here, either. By changing out a few outdated items, you can have your bathroom looking fresh in no time. Cool light fixtures, modern cabinets, beautiful plants, and a fresh coat of paint may be all you need.

3. New Lighting

New lighting fixtures may be enough to transform your home. Sufficient lighting opens up your space. It makes it look bigger, airy, and less cramped. On the other hand, poorly lit rooms are dark and cramped. They look smaller than they really are. Table and floor lamps are perfect for illuminating a home. Place them strategically to brighten up dark corners in your home.

If you do not like the cramped-up feel in your home, new lighting may be enough to fix it. If you want to create a feel of warmth and coziness, consider placing your lamps on your side tables. Modern ceiling fixtures are perfect for an extra touch.

4. Paint And Clean Up

Cleaning and painting your home may be all you need to transform it. Deep cleaning will not only improve your mood but also brighten up your home. It makes your space more livable and inspires you to redesign. A fresh coat of paint may instantly transform your room from drab to fab. Whether you wish to add a pop of color to your space or make it cooler, the right paint will help. Painting your ceiling blue, for example, will enliven an outdated space. Revamp your old furniture and rearrange your space. This may be enough to improve the appearance of your home while avoiding major renovations.

5. Change Your Window Treatments

Window treatments are important but most homeowners overlook them. In most cases, window treatments are the end-all, be-all for your aesthetic. While there are plenty of options, you may have a hard time picking the style that matches your needs.

If you choose to leave your windows bare, you may be missing out on an entire layer of decorating. Even when you have the most spectacular views from your windows, dressing them is a great idea. Choose window treatments that go well with the rest of our décor. They should be stylish and up to date. Consider going bold with dramatic patterns and colors. Minimalists can opt for bamboo shades-the options are endless. The easiest way to choose your window treatments is matching them with your walls.

6. Create an Outdoor Room

Consider taking advantage of your outdoor space. Most homeowners focus on their indoor space and forget to look outdoors. Create an outdoor room even when you do not have a big backyard patio or front porch. Be creative and continue your indoor theme outside. Start with an outdoor rug for improved warmth. A rug can create the feel of having an outdoor room. Add a fire pit, lights, seating, and throw pillows to complete the look.

Outdoor rooms are versatile and you can make them as fancy or simple as you wish. If you wish to go all out, consider using an outdoor heater, flagstones, or large pergola.

7. Create Open Spaces

Creating open spaces in your home promotes airiness and a sense of oneness within your home. Many homeowners today enjoy open floor plans where the dining room, kitchen, and family room have no walls. If you already have walls, you can create an open space without tearing them down. Something as simple as getting rid of heavy furniture or rearranging your furnishings may be enough to promote oneness. Your choice of paint may help you make walls ‘disappear.’ Consider using a warm off-white color to create the impression of airiness.

Mirrors may also be great for making your space feel more open. Consider placing them opposite your windows where they can reflect light into your space. If there is a formal dining room in your home, consider using it as a library, home office, or crafting room.

8. Landscape

Your Home Redesign Doesn't Have to Wait

Landscaping your property may improve its appearance and resale value. The design of your landscaping determines the curb appeal of your property. If you do not have enough experience to landscape, consider seeking the help of a professional. Ask about the best plants for your area and options that do not require much effort in maintenance. With some patience, you can have a beautiful landscape in no time.

Your home redesign does not need to wait. Even with limited money and time, all you need is a little creativity to transform your space. Tips to improve your space include creating open spaces, using new lighting fixtures, wall paper, and giving your bathroom a makeover.

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