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Why Triple Glazed Windows Are More Efficient?

14 Mar 2023

Triple Glazed Windows are More Efficient

With any laborious house repair, costs soon pile up. You may begin with a picture of your ideal situation, only to discover that obtaining all you desire would need all the resources you can muster.

To design the perfect solution for your house, you must gradually modify your objectives and set a financial plan. Window glazing is not usually at the top of your priorities list regarding window replacement. To decide if triple-glazed windows are worthwhile, you should first know what you’re investing for. Let us dig deeper into this article.

What Are Triple Glazed Windows?
Triple glazing simply consists of three panes of glass inside a closed framework. Similar to their double glazing counterpart, they contain a compartment of air or a gas mixture between every glass, this can be argon which is denser than air and acts as a heat and acoustic insulation. The third pane of glass, which is situated midway between the outer and inner panes of double glazing, generates two air seals that increase the energy efficiency of standard double glazed windows by about 50%.

Moreover, factors including the kind of gases or air utilised in the gap between the panels, heated edge filler bars around the border to prevent thermal crossing, and various coatings on the glass to minimise the energy transfer from the interior increase energy effectiveness. The frameworks themselves have a significant impact on overall efficiency.

So Are Triple-Glazed Windows More Efficient?
When upgrading your windows, selecting the proper glazing is a huge expense, so when you are thinking about triple glazing, here are some grounds why it could be the most effective and cost-effective option.

Possess a Lower U-Value
The U-value metric is used in the market to compare the energy efficiency of windows. U-values are used to determine how effective a substance is as an insulator. The smaller the U-value, the more effective the materials as a thermal barrier. This implies that the lesser your windows’ U-value, the greater they would be at keeping heat inside your house. This will maintain your family cosy and warm while saving you money on electricity expenses.

Planitherm Total + Improves the Energy Effectiveness of Triple Glazing
The following are some examples of how to utilise a thermal printer. A metal oxide layer on this glass assists in reflecting warmth into your house. It optimises sun gain while decreasing heat loss. It also allows natural daylight without the blur and hue of less expensive alternatives.

Have a Warm Border Spacer Bar
Spacer bars are a constant metal frame that divides the glass windows in a glazing unit. The spacer bar is attached to the panes by a first and second sealing, resulting in an airtight chamber supplied with argon gas. On the other hand, the warming edge spacers bar is a composite material bar that exempts the margins of glazed modules. Since plastic, unlike aluminium, doesn’t transfer heat, warm edge spacing bars maintain heat better than ordinary spacing bars.

Triple Glazing Prevents Draughts
The sophisticated construction of triple glazing keeps improving the protection of houses worldwide since it is much more difficult to break than secondary or primary glazing. In addition, triple glazed windows enhance home protection. These types of windows also boast Secured by Designed locking and a 4-part fitment method that reduces noise and draughts, making your house safer and more pleasant.


Triple Glazed Windows are an excellent long-term investment, as they offer increased durability. Compared to single-paned windows, these are highly resilient and can last for up to 20 years.

These windows not only offer durability, but they also cost-savings on energy bills. Not only do they reduce draughts and condensation, but they improve comfort levels too, necessitating less heating or cooling to keep you comfortable.

These windows boast thick glass with an insulating coating on the outside that helps keep your home warm all year round. Plus, they have Low E film applied which reflects solar heat and blocks solar rays from reaching your residence.

Triple-paned windows save up to 20% energy compared to double-glazed ones, and are airtight and prevent draughts. Furthermore, warm edge spacers help block out cold air while argon gas fills the spaces between each pane for extra insulation and low emissivity film.

Sound Insulation

Triple glazed windows reduce outside noise and enhance your home’s acoustic quality by adding an additional layer of glass. This is because the two air spaces between each pane of glass act as a buffer, muffling sound waves while providing sound absorption.

One way to determine how well your new windows will soundproof is by checking their STC rating, which is measured in decibels (db). It’s important to remember that you can achieve a high STC rating with just one pane of laminated glass but may struggle with it if using tempered glass.

Triple-glazed windows may offer excellent sound insulation, but they won’t make much of a difference unless you live in noisy areas and want to reduce noise pollution as much as possible. If this applies to you, acoustic glass might be the better option since it significantly reduces sound entering your home and is more cost-effective than triple glazing.

Low Maintenance

Triple Glazed Windows are an ideal choice for homeowners searching for sustainable, energy-saving solutions. Not only do they offer sound insulation and low maintenance requirements, but their durability also stands the test of time.

These windows are ideal for passive house projects and come in a range of materials such as wood effect or coloured frames, plus aluminium clad.

This type of window is more expensive than standard double glazing, but it comes with several benefits. Chief among them is that it reduces energy loss through the window and helps you save money on heating bills.

Triple glazing also improves thermal comfort in the home, particularly during colder weather. The inside pane of a triple glazed window is several degrees warmer than that of double-glazed version, meaning you won’t feel as much cold breeze as with standard windows. This makes using these windows that much more pleasant.


You’re gradually becoming urged to upgrade to triple-glazed windows. You might have yet to realise, but there is increasing demand to enhance the energy efficiency of windows to the point that simple double glazing would no longer suffice. With the authorities facing growing pressure to decrease global warming and carbon dioxide emissions becoming more prominent in the public consciousness, properties that cut energy consumption via building design or improved features are seen positively today.

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