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Window Styles Architects Love

7 March 2022

Top Window Styles Architects Love

Every architect wants to have their finished product look its best to meet their clients’ expectations. Also, a beautiful house can become a great selling point for them.

One of the areas an architect focuses on to ensure that a home has the best appeal possible is the windows and doors. Different home designs will call for different window styles, meaning a style that worked well for one home may not work well in another.

This post explores top window styles that architects love and that you may want to consider when building a home.

Installing Your Windows Professionally

The architect can do a great job drawing window designs for your home. But unless you use professional help in installing the windows, you may not attain the same result as the architect intended.

Professional window installers will more often than not have been in the industry for a long time, meaning that they have tons of experience. With their experience, they can refer to the architect’s home plan, determine the right windows and install them professionally to reflect the architect’s design. If you are unsure where to get professional window installers, this window installation company in Milwaukee can be an excellent choice when installing or replacing windows in your home.

Window Styles Most Loved by Architects

Awning Windows

Awning windows are pretty popular with architects and homeowners and are among the windows that open outward. They open from a top hinge creating an awning effect when open. This design helps with ventilation while ensuring outside debris such as falling leaves doesn’t get in the house.

Also, this design does not allow rainwater in due to the awning effect, meaning you can continue enjoying good ventilation even on a rainy day. Most architects love this window design for the unique beauty it adds to a home’s exterior.

Casement Window

Casement windows were popular in UK homes and are still popular in many parts of Europe. Like awning windows, casement windows open outwards. The hinges are fixed at the side frame, meaning that they open from the side instead of a top hinge for awning windows.

When opened, casement windows act as a mini door and can serve as an escape route from the house in case of an emergency.

These windows are a favorite among architects because they are unique and help add a sense of charm and class, and are versatile enough for almost any home design. So if you are looking for unique and classic, casement windows are the window you need to go for.

Single and Double-Hung Windows

Single and double-hung windows are another style of windows favorite among architects. While these window types are similar in several ways, they also differ in some areas.

For example, single-hung windows, also called single slash windows, have an operable bottom slash and a top fixed to slash. On the other hand, double-hung windows have an operable bottom and top slash.

The other main difference between single and double-hung windows is the price, and obviously, the window with the most movable parts is more expensive. Both windows come with different installation methods that call finding a professional installer for their installation.

Transom Windows

The transom is the beam at the top of a window or frame. That said, transom windows are windows placed above a door or window’s transom. These windows can differ in shapes and sizes, but they all use the same name because they are located on top of the transom.

Traditionally, transom windows were operable and were used to provide air conditioning. Today you can rarely find an operable transom window. They are generally added to a home plan for aesthetics. But they can also be added to let in more light to the house.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows feature two horizontally mounted sashes that slide horizontally on a track when opening or closing. This style is especially favorable for home designs that feature large windows.

They are also best in parts of a house that could have obstructed access, like on top of kitchen sinks or counters.

Most sliding windows have removable sashes, which makes cleaning pretty easy. If you want a contemporary or modern look to your house, sliding windows are your best choice.

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