Top 5 Online Number System Conversion Calculators with Solution Tips, Advice, Building Guide

Top 5 Online Number System Conversion Calculators with Solution

Oct 19, 2020

Internationally how confusing it’s when we see people using different terms for the same numbers.

Numbers play a very important role in our daily life, we use them to count, measure, compare, for phone numbers, to store passwords, and so on.

History of Hindu-Arabic numerals (Indian number system)

In ancient times, there were different means of counting. Some say, they used sticks, pebels, and wolf bones to count.

This leads us to different theories about how the modern number system has come to us from our ancestors.

But one fact is that Middle Eastern mathematicians discovered Hindu-Arabic numerals back in the 6th to 7th century.

A set of symbols (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) which were used in different means of trades.

Later on, it was introduced in Europe around the 12th century through ancient mathematicians known as Al-Khwarizmi and Al-kindi.

Further they paved the way for modern algebra.

Nowadays, Hindu-Arabic numerals are more commonly known as the Indian Number system.

How to represent these Numbers

In the Indian number system, these numbers are placed from left to right under the labels as Units, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, Ten thousand, etc.

For better illustration let us see:

Ten Crores Crores Ten Lakhs Lakhs Ten thousand Thousands Hundreds Tens Units
   7    9    5    0       7        1       6      3      8

It can be read as Seventy-nine crores, fifty lakh, seventy-one thousand, six hundred thirty-eight.

International number system

Most of the countries around the world use the International number system, especially in western countries.

How numbers are represented in the International number system

The basic method of writing numbers in the International number system starts from right to left with commas after every three digits. They are labeled as ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, and billions.

Let us see an example:

Ten billion Billion Hundred million Ten million Millions Thousands Hundreds Tens Ones
   7    9    5    0    7    1    6    3    8

It can be read as Seventy-nine billion, five hundred and seven million, one thousand, six hundred, and thirty-eight.

The difference between Indian and International number system

  • Placement of commas
  • In the Indian number system after a thousand comes lakhs and then crores
  • In the International number system after thousand comes Millions than ten million and growing to billions.

These figures get more complex when we do International transactions or especially for those people who travel across the world.

In the sub-continent, People are grown up with the concept of lakhs and crores, but as soon as they travel to other countries they have to deal with millions and billions.

Technology advancement in mathematics

The art of counting is the most important part of mathematics. We are certainly not born with the ability of counting.

Therefore, in the past, our ancestors have used different things to count such as stones, pebbles, sticks, fingers, and so on.

Further, as time is changing our calculations are transferred from generation to generations.  Calculations are getting more complex in our daily life.

For example, finding a Cos theta of a triangle we can’t do that using stones or sticks.

Thus making us realize that we can’t do those calculations and store or memorize for a long period with the loose objects.

The relation between mathematics and technology is not as hyped up as it is in the overall education sector.

But still, many developers have designed online calculators to get your mathematical operations solved instantly, and without worrying about losing things.

Below given the Top 5 Online Number System Conversion Calculators with Solution are to help you.

Online Number System Conversion Calculators with Solution – Top 5

Meracalculator is a powerful tool making it a popular choice for experts.

Widely used in converting International numbers in Indian number system or visa e versa. Further features are given below:

  • It can convert Arabs and Kharabs
  • Trillion into Crore
  • Millions in Crore
  • Millions in Crore
  • Hundred thousand in Lakhs.

This tool works with a systematic approach, whenever a user visits the calculator he finds it very easy to use.

You just need to enter the numbers choose the amount in given options, and convert the amount into lakhs or millions.

The best part is that it’s free and secure, you don’t even need to subscribe, and no limit to search queries.

On top of it, this tool has many additional benefits such as calculators for finding out Exponents, LCM, HCF, etc.

Byjus million to lakh converter is a famous choice of users many people approach to convert those big numbers of millions into lakhs. It features:

  • The calculator is free to use
  • But is limited as it only converts millions into lakhs
  • Simple interface
  • Just type in the million value and get the answer in lakhs.

A calculator that is widely used by the users to convert currency. Such as any form of numbers into millions, billions, trillions, thousands, or lakhs and crores.

It gives you the answers instantly in all formats, for an example, if you enter 56 Trillion in the search query it will show you as such:

56 Trillion = 56000 Billions

56 Trillion = 56000000 Millions

56 Trillion = 5600000 Crores

56 Trillion = 560000000 Lakhs

56 Trillion = 56000000000 Thousand

56 Trillion = 560000000000 Hundred.

Scanftree is a free online calculator that gives you many other features apart from converting numbers such as:

  • Algebra calculator
  • Vector calculator
  • Square root finder, etc.

Calculatorschool is another top choice when looking to convert money value from million to lakhs, or crores to billions.

  • Simple Interface to convert the values
  • Free to use, no subscription required
  • Limited in search queries
  • Gives instant results of all values.

This makes it a good choice to use as a power 10 numbers conversion tool.

Getcalc is an online calculator designed to execute conversions in trillions, crores, billion, lakhs, and millions.

To illustrate it for the user they have also mentioned a number representation table with few examples.

The cool thing is the user interface which is designed exactly as a calculator, seems like the user is working on a calculator.

Just like pressing the buttons on a calculator, it allows the user to press the numbers while showing a screen on top of it. It shows the value at both ends as per the user wants to convert, for example, convert millions to lakhs or from crore to billions.

Which makes it our 5th choice of online calculators.

Last words

Above given all the calculators have their importance in their respective fields. We have broken down them because of their overall factors involved in it.

Apart from this, the connection bond between education and technology has no doubt become stronger. But still, more development is required when it comes to Mathematics and technology.

Comments on this Top 5 Online Number System Conversion Calculators with Solution advice article are welcome.

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