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Things to know before your start remodeling your office

12 Mar 2021

When it comes to the remodeling of an office, there are a lot of factors that one needs to consider, which would ultimately affect the employee performance and physiology as well. Modern days offices are often re-model to bring out more employee interaction and create a more positive and friendly environment for them. Well-optimized office space is the key to inspiring innovations and nurturing ideas that would take the business to new heights.

A well-planned office environment can simply change; it can entirely change the effectiveness of the business plan and the way employees work in it. If you are thinking about changing or remodeling the office fit-out and design, then these are the tips and ideas you should definitely follow.

Remodeling your office might be a considerable investment, but with great returns. You might think that the cost is too much, but it will give many benefits that your company will enjoy in the long run.  Both tangible and intangible benefits combined should be enough to convince you. And if you’ve finally decided, allow Wurkspace 7 to assist you.

Things to know before remodeling you office

Use Color Physiology

When it comes to office designing, fit-outs, or re-modeling, one of the most important elements that people usually focus on is the color patterns that does make the office look formal and professional, but does not decrease the level of employee energy while working by making the environment look relaxed and boring. Research has proven that a blend or contrast of certain colors used in the office can increase the productivity of an employee by almost 200%.

Using the right hues and color patterns will provide the right kind of active, bright, and dynamic environment you want the people to work in with full energy. The choice of color that you select would basically depend on the type of work and mood you wish to invoke among the employee. For example, if the work takes a lot of time and precision, then using light colors such as blue will bring more calm and calmness to the employee’s nature.

Color is a very powerful tool to harness in renovating any space. Choosing the color you’d like would depend on what you want to achieve. Would you like your team to increase productivity or creativity?  If you’re aiming for productivity, the bright red hue will make an impact on your office space. But if you want your team to be more creative, you should go for blue. Playing with colors and assigning them to various areas can greatly affect the outlook and wellness of the entire team.

Communicate with employees and give them enough space

One of the best ways to redesign the office is by getting feedback and ideas from the employees. Since they will be the ones who will be spending the maximum time working with each other, they will be able to give ideas that affect them directly.

An open plan is something one should go for which helps employees to collaborate with each other and exchange ideas and input. While remodeling, one needs to make sure that the design is not implemented in such a way that it interrupts employee communication or delays it. Infact, the office partitions, breakout areas, and furniture should be decided very carefully. Also, make sure that fitout does not look like it ran out of space and also add more natural light and air to it.

Collaborative workspaces have been the trend since many have transitioned to a hybrid work setup.  This kind of workspace encourages teamwork, inspires creativity, and allows the growth of innovation. It doesn’t have to be too sophisticated; you just need great planning and inputs from the people who will use the space. In contrast, it’s more cost-effective since you only dedicate a workspace for the right number of people.

Things to know before remodeling your office

Hire Professionals

One of the best ways to get the most effective design and remodeling for your office is through hiring a professional commercial design and fit-out team like Office Fitout Perth. Since these professionals have already completed a lot of successful projects with some really great and unique designs, they are able to understand your requirements a lot faster and also implement them effectively.

They will not only consult you about the changes and how they can be done but will also provide constant information about the time and cost that will be involved in it. If you are not too sure about the kind of changes that can be done in the office to increase productivity and are also not able to invest a lot of time into it, then the best option out there is hiring such professionals, who provide satisfaction guarantee for the work they have done. Also, since they consult you on the budget part as well, your overall remodeling cost will never exceed the acceptable expense limit, and you will get the best value for your money.

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