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The Savviest Realtor Grande Prairie for Technology and Marketing

Feb 8, 2021

Savviest Realtor Grande Prairie Technology Marketing

Realtors and real estate agents belong to the same family, but they do have their differences. A realtor can be a real estate agent, but not all real estate agents are realtors.

Simply put, a realtor can be many things—a broker-associate, a managing broker, appraiser, salespeople, or an exclusive buyer’s agent for residential and commercial properties. What typically sets these professionals apart is that they ascribe to strict ethical guidelines and must abide by it if they want to continue practicing as realtors.

Realtors as Real Estate Professionals

For instance, realtors in the US are real estate professionals who must follow the code of ethics and standards of practice set forth by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). This means they have the obligation to put the interests of the buyers and sellers above their own and to maintain honesty in all transactions, among other standards.

As for Canada, realtors are members of the local real estate board and of the provincial real estate association in which the realtor belongs. Ideally, a realtor Grande Prairie is also a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), the largest association of real estate professionals in the country. CREA is associated with the NAR, which owns the trademark for the term REALTOR®.

Like their counterparts from the US, realtor-members of the CREA also have a set of rules to maintain fair and honest practices, and a code of privacy to protect its clients’ personal information against potential breaches.

Savviest Realtor Grande Prairie Technology Marketing

Why You Should Hire a Realtor

Aside from having a real estate professional whom you could trust for a seamless transaction,
one of the best things about realtors is that they have access to the Multi Listing Service (MLS). A realtor will be able to show buyers the MLS Grande Prairie to reflect real estate listings from various firms or sources in their area. Curated by local real estate boards, MLS shows the most comprehensive real estate listings in a locality.

More than just assisting clients in selling and buying properties in Grande Prairie and elsewhere in Alberta, realtors must also keep up with the times, and tap various technologically advanced tools to have a full and realistic view of the properties.

If you still are hesitant about seeking out a realtor, don’t just take it from us:
Film on YouTube

How the Savviest Realtor in Grande Prairie Could Help You Purchase Your Ideal Property

Looking for the perfect contemporary houses in Grande Prairie and other localities can be time consuming, and with the restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be even more challenging.

Most realtors have online presences, such as websites and social media accounts, but very few are able to utilize technological advances to showcase properties realistically, right in the comfort of a buyer’s home.

Grassroots Realty Group is the first to use drones, 3D cameras, virtual reality, high-resolution videos, and realistic floor plans to sell properties in Alberta, and the firm continues to harness technology for new ways to change the face of real estate marketing.

How the Savviest Realtor in Grande Prairie Could Help Sell Your Property

A site visit is typically done to get information about the property and discuss proposed renovations to make your property sell faster. Once your residential or commercial property is ready, the realtors will send a marketing team to get professional photos and videos.

The team engages in various yet specialized marketing strategies—for instance, cost-per-click advertising is offered to target potential buyers effectively, while continuously monitoring overall marketing campaign results.

For the widest digital reach, the savviest realtor in Grade Prairie customizes each website listing and integrates social media plan to be more efficient, while taking stock of current and emerging marketing trends, whether online or offline.

Savviest Realtor Grande Prairie, USA – Final Thoughts

Realtors are real estate professionals who commit to put the property buyers’ or sellers’ interests above their own. Additionally, they’re expected to have the best access to listings, so hiring one can help make your real estate purchases a breeze.

If you’re selling your property, look for a realtor who’s both technologically and marketing savvy. By integrating these two elements, your realtor is able to provide the best user-buyer experience, improving your marketing success exponentially.

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