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The Importance of Slot Game Volatility and Variance

May 22, 2023

Slot games are one of the easiest casino games, so everyone can easily learn the rules and enjoy some action when they play slots online UK. Slots also come with unique features.

The slot volatility is certainly one of the factors to consider before you can start playing. Understanding how volatility and variance impact your game will help you maximize your bankroll. With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about the importance of slot game volatility and variance.

Las Vegas Importance of slot game volatility and variance

What are Volatility and Variance?

For any new slot player, these terms may be confusing. Both indicate how often and how much a particular slot pays out. Understanding variance and volatility is important to know how big a risk you are taking when playing a game.

If you are new to these terms, here is a description of each:

  • Volatility is a term used to describe the frequency and size of your wins. It is more tied to the slot’s gameplay element than a variance.
  • Variance depicts the deviation of the expected return to player over the long-term and short-term results.

Slots are all about luck, and you cannot influence the results. However, knowing a few things about variance and volatility can help you choose games you will likely enjoy and ones suited to your budget.

Levels of Slot Variance

There are three levels of slot variance: high variance, medium variance, and low variance. The game’s volatility describes what type of a player you are—either a risk-take or a slowly-but-surely type of gamer.

High Variance Slots

Slots with high variance are the riskiest but have the biggest payouts. This variance type is unsuitable for players with a low budget or not inherent risk-takers. Usually, slots with high variance don’t land winning combos regularly, but the payout is big when they do.

To play these games, you must have some significant capital. You must also expect to spin many times before eventually hitting a winning combo.

High-variance slots are ideal for gamers with a bigger bankroll and those not afraid of risks. These gamers tend to bet larger amounts per spin and wait patiently for the infrequent big wins.

Medium Variance Slots

Medium variance slots offer the balance between high and low variance slots. Gamers that enjoy this type of slot volatility are not averse to small risks but are unwilling to waste away a huge bankroll fast.

Frequent small wins and some mid-sized winning combinations throughout the game characterize medium-variance games.

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Low Variance Slots

Slots with low variance reward smaller but more frequent payouts. Winning combos can show up after every few spins, giving you a small amount to add to your bankroll. These games are ideal for new slot players who enjoy the game more than the risks involved.

Understanding volatility and variance in slots like cave horror strategy is important as it allows you to pick the game most suitable to your style. Whether you are a gamer who prefers building your balance gradually or one after big jackpots, it is necessary as it helps you pick the most fitting machine.

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