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The Best Architecture around the World

10 Aug 2020

The Best Architecture around the World that You Must Be a Witness to Once In Your Lifetime

The creative genius of human beings can be observed in a number of things manufactured by them in nature. Relics, art, music, buildings and the likes of these, all stand tall and sharp as a testament to the gamut of creativity of the humans and as pieces of evidence to what they are capable of producing. And that is why, when provided with an opportunity, it is imperative that human beings grab the same and witness these magnificent creations of their kind and find in these structures and art forms all the inspiration they need to appreciate and carry on the legacy.

Condensing the myriad of the art of sorts in one article might not be a possibility, given the constraints of time and resources. But enlightening the inquisitive minds on the best architecture that we have around us in this world is a task that the article can set itself up to. And therefore, without any further delay, we shall go into the discussion of the robust architecture that you must be a witness to at least once in your lifetime, and try to appreciate the ingenuity of human beings at the same time.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa tower Dubai at night - The best architecture around the world

Perhaps every traveller who has ever prepared a bucket list of his/her own, have had this one building enlisted in the lists without fail. The Burj Khalifa, rises above every other building and structure in Dubai, with a dizzying height of 2,717 feet above the desert. In fact, if this piques your interest, the building is the tallest in the world with 162 floors containing offices, residences and hotels. This tapering structure has a 700 feet spire enclosed within a glass curtain, and reflects the radiance of the desert sun with its mind-boggling architecture.

The Venetian Macau

Against the very popular belief of Las Vegas being the gambling capital of the world, there is a truth that needs to see the light of day. And the truth is that Macau has long ago replaced Las Vegas to be the gambling capital of the world with its high rising casinos with architecture that will bewilder you.

Contrary to Vegas, Macau has a lesser number of casinos, but the ones that find their place in there, are undulating and palatial structures that need your attention. Macau has some of the best casinos in the world, and the Venetian Macau is just one of them. With about 530,000 square feet area and 800 table games, the Venetian Macau secures its place as the largest casino in the world. For people who would like a casino experience beyond the best US gambling sites, the Venetian Macau is the best choice you could go with.

The Shard

The Shard London tower across Thames

Another human-made architecture that you must stand witness to in this life is the Shard located in good old London. The structure is a 72-storeyed skyscraper and is the tallest building in Western Europe.

Standing tall on the southern banks of Thames, the building is inspired by Church steeples, and has a phenomenal glass structure that reflects the stunning scenes of the city. Also, the structure is a multifunctional building with several office spaces, restaurants and hotels hosting a sea of people. With a very recently opened observation platform, the Shard is one architectural phenomenon that you must witness at least once in your lifetime, given a chance.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Designed by the Pritzer Prize-winning Thom Mayne, who is known to break every traditional architectural rule, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas, is made up of textured concrete and consists of five cubes. It has an escalator that is enclosed in glass and takes its visitors to the top floors of exhibits.

Thom Mayne once again breaks all the rules that one usually finds in the buildings of the age and reflects drama galore with every placement and alignment of concrete. Visit the building for its promise of the new age in architecture and also share in the varied knowledge of nature and science enclosed within the scope of the structure.

The best architecture around the world – Wrapping Up

These are some of the best buildings that you might not hear about much, but need to visit once in your finite life, given the opportunity. However, the list is not a comprehensive one, and you can find several other buildings around the world that deserve the same kind of attention. Therefore, do some digging and make an itinerary for your next travel that can expose you to a world of fantastic and weird architectural phenomena.

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