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Structural Wall Repair – An In-depth Guide

19 July 2021

Whenever you face any issue regarding the structure of walls of your house, try to get structural wall repair services. Now, why exactly should we go for structural repair? There are several reasons for that. The main one being highly cost-effective and time-saving. Where structure demolition and replacing required the whole tearing down of a building, structural wall repair will only focus on the specific issue.

Structural wall repair in-depth guide

Here is everything that you need to know about the basics of structural wall repair. Follow this step-to-step guide for a smooth and error-free experience.

Structural Wall Repair – Get inspection done

The first step is to get an inspection done. Contact an experienced and expert surveyor. He will inspect the problem and will suggest the best solution for the problem. Getting the repair done without knowing the problem will do no good. If you do not eliminate the root cause, you will soon land at the same point with the same structural wall issues.

Get specified troubleshooting

Once our surveyor has detected the problem, get specified troubleshooting. Hire workers to get your walls repaired, not demolished and replaced. Here is a detail of the repair process of three major issues.

Cavity wall tie failure

Cavity wall tie failure, mostly due to water leaking, leads to serious corrosion. This corrosion has the potential to destroy your walls. Problem-oriented and specific structural wall repair is required to deal with this issue.

The best solution is to remove the old cavity wall ties and install new ones. You can either go for mechanical, or resin wall ties.

Cracking due to subsidence

Cracking of walls is always a deep-rooted problem. You cannot get done with the repair by just repairing the walls. First, you need to remove the issue from the root. When subsidence occurs, it moves the foundation of your house, which eventually results in cracked walls. Please do not take it as a joke. Foundation problems are severe and disastrous. First, get the foundation repaired and then move on to structural wall repair Minneapolis.

Repairing the cracked walls is a relatively simple job. You just need to fill in the cracks with fillers, sealants, and other binding materials. Once you have eliminated the root of cracking, it will solve the issue once and for all.

Repairing structural timber walls

Structural timber can face issues like cracking, bending, and other issues. First, get the issue inspected and then get the walls repaired with a specified solution.

Back in time, timber walls were never repaired. The only solution being considered was to replace them. But the modern techniques have shown many methods to get the timber repaired at a significantly less cost and time. Most of the time, resin repairs and reinforcement techniques are used for such repairs.

Structural wall repair – The right equipment and staff

When getting structural wall repair, try to get the best equipment and professional staff. A slight negligence can waste a lot of time and money. Hire the best services available around you. Inexperienced workers will do more bad than good.

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