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Street Dice for Beginners – Lucky 7s

Feb 13, 2023

Street Dice for Beginners

Are you interested in trying the game out for yourself? Then we’ve got you covered! Get started with Street Dice by reading the guide here!

Get Good with Your Lucky 7s: Street Dice for Beginners

But just what is Street Dice? Simply put, it’s a casual take on craps, the popular casino game with roots in the English Hazard (mentioned for the first time in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales). Despite its complicated ruleset, Hazard was immensely popular in London’s clubs for centuries before giving rise to the game we now know as craps, which can be played for real money in random number generator (RNG) and live dealer (HD) online casinos.

The Rules: What You Need to Know

There are, of course, dozens of different kinds of street dice. Standard play requires two cubed dice. To determine who goes first in a given game, the competitors roll a die. Players can take turns being the shooter, or the person who is most up for the challenge will take it.

The “shooter,” or person throwing the dice, will set the stakes and choose between “pass” and “crap out” as the betting option. Usually, the shooter will place the opening bet, and the other players will need to equal their wager at least before the round can continue. The odds are also typically set by the shooter.

The shooter passes if they roll a seven or eleven, while they crap out if they roll a two, three, or twelve. If any of these numbers are rolled on the first die, the game is over, and all bets are paid out. Once the shooter’s bet has been matched, the other players may place their own wagers.

If the shooter doesn’t crap out or pass on the first role, that number is the point. This value, along with the value 7, are the only ones that matter moving forward in the round. Repeated rolling is required until a seven is rolled or the point is reached. Bets are placed on whether or not the shooter will roll the point again before landing a seven and on the opposite outcome, whether or not a seven will be rolled before the point is produced.

These are, essentially, the cornerstones of street dice. It’s a pretty straightforward game that relies solely on luck, so it’s important to manage your money and keep your emotions in check, just like with any other form of gambling.

Crash Course in Shooting Dice

The correct way to throw dice is to hold them between your thumb and forefinger, then release them with a pendulum-like arm swing. The dice are then fired in an arc; the fewer turns they make, the better. That being the case, refrain from putting your own spin on them.

As the dice travel in an arc, they should remain relatively close to one another. If they travel a great distance apart, they will likely bounce in opposite directions upon impact, which is not particularly convincing as evidence of the shooter’s proficiency.

It’s best if the dice bounce off the back wall and onto the table. For this reason, street craps requires a flat, enclosed area with a wall on one or both sides.

It’s not a good idea to let the dice roll around too much. Instead, a perfect roll should result in the dice striking the wall, bouncing once, and coming to a stop on the table.


Playing street craps is a great way to pass the time with friends. You’ll be losing a lot of money if you don’t practise your rolls, though. Using our guide should sort that problem out in no time! Familiarise yourself with the rules and find yourself a game today! Don’t think twice before playing street dice because it’s a fun little game! Give it a shot today!

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