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Steal Your Home Style From 5 Famous Buildings

Oct 8, 2020

Redecorating your home with the cash you should have been spending on this year’s holiday?

When you’re investing in home improvements you want to strike the right balance with refurbishments and improvements that enhance your practical living experience and add a touch of style that might appeal to buyers should you ever decide to move on.

If your mind is blank, perhaps borrowing design ideas from some iconic buildings can get the ball rolling?

Here’s how to steal your home style from five famous buildings:

Steal Your Home Style From Famous Buildings Guide

  1. Eltham Palace

Once the home of a certain King Henry VIII, Eltham Palace is perhaps just as famous today for its 20th Century classic Art Deco interiors installed by Stephen and Virginia Courtauld as its former royal resident, which underwent a £1.7 million restoration in 2015 to restore them to their original glory. Recreate a little of this Jazz Age glam with Art Deco lighting from Bespoke Lights.

  1. V&A Dundee

Recreating Kengo Kuma’s otherworldly tiered and twisted concrete exterior at the V&A might be a bit of an ask if you don’t have a bottomless budget, but this amazing building does have some brilliant water features that you can borrow elements from – simple concrete pools with decorative gravel and subtle lighting can enhance any garden.

  1. Guggenheim museum

New York Guggenheim Museum - Steal your home style from 5 famous buildings

New York’s Solomon R Guggenheim Museum was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the only prerequisite in the design brief was that it should be unlike any museum in the world to house Guggenheim’s collection of non-objective art from the likes of Mondrian, Klee and Kandinsky. Wright’s bold organic design with cool, curvaceous off-shite façade didn’t disappoint – grab some rendering products from Direct Building Products to create your own approximation at home.

  1. The Hill House

The Hill House in Helensburgh by Charles Rennie Mackintosh is the renowned Scottish designer’s domestic masterpiece and from the distinctive windows down to the details on the doorknobs, it epitomises the ‘Glasgow Style’. Walking down the hallway and into the Daughter’s Room, Cloak Room and Bootroom, there are so many exquisite design touches that’s it’s easy to forget this was a family home for 50 years. If you fancy a touch of Mackintosh in your interior, it’s easy to find mirrors, lamps and furniture inspired by his style online.

  1. The Oval Office

The White House’s Oval Office must be one of the world’s most famous rooms and it’s one place you’d probably have paid handsomely to be a fly on the wall over the years. If you’re working at home and want to feel presidential as you go about your daily business, borrowing some elements isn’t a bad idea – whether that’s an antique oak desk or a crested carpet from Café Press. One word of warning though – it’s probably not a wise idea to start ordering around your family via decrees and press conferences!

Borrow any one of these brilliant design ideas and you’ll add a new dimension to your home décor – good luck developing your project!

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