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Single Storey or Double Storey for a New Home in USA

9 Aug 2022

Single Storey or Double Storey for a New Home

Moving into a new home is always something to look forward to. It’s about having a new place you can call home, providing you with the comfort and security you need. But it might be hard to find the perfect house, especially since your choice will last until you renovate or tear down the whole thing.

Hence, you need to be careful and thorough about which type of house you should have.  Meanwhile, one of the initial things that you should consider is whether you should get a single or double storey. This decision can help to narrow down your choices, making the house hunting process quicker.

One option is to go online to sites like Utah Homes For Sale or similar ones to get an idea of the house you want. To help you with your decision, listed below are some factors to consider:

Single Storey Or Double Storey: 4 Tips For Choosing A New Home

  1. Check Lot Size

Before you decide on anything, check the lot size first. Assess if the property can handle a single-storey house with bedrooms, a backyard, and a garage. If this is something you’d like to have in your home, you should ensure it has enough floor space. Or else, you wouldn’t be able to live a comfortable life since it would be too congested and small.

If you have a large lot, you should opt for a single-storey house. This will allow you to have the number of rooms and the amount of space you desire in your home. You should also consider your garage and yard size and see if it’s still within a reasonable scope.

On the other hand, a double-storey house is your best option if you’d like to maximize your space, allowing for an airy and roomy environment.

  1. Assess If You Need Stairs

If you’re opting for a double-storey house, expect you’ll have stairs to climb up and down, allowing you to move from one floor to another. With the right shape and railings, they can help any property look large and complete. However, if you’re living with an elderly person who’s unable to use the staircase, this may not be the best option.

Therefore, make sure that a double-storey house is necessary before going through with it. If you’re living with adults or children, having stairs can benefit everyone as they’re strong enough to take each step.

However, ditching the stairs might be the best option if you share your home with an elderly relative or people with disabilities. In this way, they won’t have to deal with the dangers of climbing up and down the stairs.

Single Storey or Double Storey for a New Home

  1. Set Your Budget

Your budget is a major factor when determining what kind of property to buy – see 5 tips to construct a good home on a budget. While a double-storey house sounds more expensive, it can be a cheaper option, especially if you’re considering the lot size. More than 50% of your home cost depends on the size of your lot. With that, a bigger lot means a more expensive house, which you must prepare.

In most cases, a single-storey house acquires a bigger lot to accommodate more rooms and features. However, some double-storey homes also use a large lot to maximize each space, perfect for those large and growing families. With that, you should check which kind of house best fits your budget by being specific with your lot size.

  1. Adapt To Lifestyle

As you pick your home, check your lifestyle and see which one fits your family perfectly. A double-storey home is your best option if you’re planning to have children. You can maximize the space and allow your family to have their privacy away from the living area.

Meanwhile, a double-storey home would be perfect if you’d like to enjoy the scenery from your home, as an elevated surface gives you a better view. This would also work well if you’d like to reduce noise, as you can separate them by room and floor.

However, a single-storey house would work just as well if you prefer to keep everything tight and compact. Small families or couples that prefer to live simply could benefit from this. This can also help strengthen a family or couple as they can always be with each other.


Choosing the type of home you want is a significant decision, as you’ll be there for the rest of your life. But knowing your wants and needs can help you come up with a resolution about what house to get.

As you analyze your need for stairs, budget, size, and lifestyle, you should be able to perceive what kind of property would work perfectly for your family. At the end of the day, whichever type of home you have, it’ll be the place where you build memories and relationships.

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