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Shanghai skyscrapers at a glance – guide

9 Feb 2021

Shanghai skyscrapers at a glance, buildings

Above 250 meters, Shanghai skyscrapers at a glance

Shanghai Tower (632 meters, 128 floors, completed in 2015)

China’s tallest building opened. Shanghai Tower is a super high-rise landmark skyscraper in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. Its design height exceeds the nearby Shanghai World Financial Center. The Shanghai Tower project covers an area of 433,954 square meters, the main building is 118 floors, the total height is 632 meters, and the structural height is 580 meters. Motor vehicle parking spaces are arranged underground and can park 2000 vehicles.

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The building is equipped with the world’s largest damper “Shanghai Huiyan” (weighing 1,000 tons, the first to introduce electromagnetic principles), as well as 275 500-watt wind turbines, the world’s second fastest elevator, and an elevator with a speed of 20 meters per second.

Lujiazui Group has arranged three tenders for the project, one of which attracted many domestic and foreign design units, including SOM Architects, KPF Architects, and Shanghai Modern Architectural Design Group to submit design proposals. In the last bidding, two design proposals were shortlisted, namely the “dragon-shaped” proposal by Gensler Architects in the United States and the “spire-shaped” proposal by Foster Architects in the UK. After selection, the “dragon-shaped” scheme won the bid, and the detailed design of the building will be based on the “dragon-shaped” scheme, and the construction drawings and drawings will be completed by the Tongji University Architectural Design and Research Institute.

World Financial Center (492 meters, 101 floors, total investment 8.17 billion yuan)

The world’s fourteenth tallest building, once had the world’s tallest flat-topped building.

The Shanghai World Financial Center is a skyscraper located in Lujiazui, Shanghai, China. It was completed on August 29, 2008. The developer is “Shanghai World Financial Center Co., Ltd.”, which was led by Japan’s Mori Building Co., Ltd. in 1995.

The main body of the building is a square column, which is formed by the intersection of two huge arched slopes gradually narrowing upwards at the top. In order to reduce wind resistance, in the original design, a huge ring-shaped circular wind tunnel opening was provided at the top of the building. Drawing lessons from the “Moon Gate” of the Chinese courtyard architecture, the wind tunnel on the top of the building was changed from a circular shape to an inverted trapezoid shape, and the final design was determined. In addition, its diagonal truss design refers to the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong.

On August 27, 2009, the 100-floor sightseeing pavilion of the Shanghai World Financial Center was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as “The World’s Tallest Tourist Hall”. On the same day, Park Hyatt Shanghai was also certified by the Guinness Book of World’s Tallest Hotel.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower (468 meters, 14 floors, completed in 1994)

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is a futuristic building located in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai. It faces the Bund across the Huangpu River. It was originally called the Shanghai Radio and TV Tower. It is often referred to as the Oriental Pearl by Shanghai citizens. The Oriental Pearl Tower was designed by the East China Architectural Design and Research Institute at the time. The construction started on July 30, 1991 and was completed on November 18, 1994. The total height is 468 meters. It was the tallest building in mainland China from 1994 to 2007, and was surpassed by the Shanghai World Financial Center in 2007. Since its completion, the Oriental Pearl Tower has become one of the components of the Shanghai skyline. It is a landmark building in Shanghai and also a national 5A-level tourist attraction in China.

Jin Mao Tower (421 meters, 88 floors, completed in 1998)

The tallest building completed in Mainland China before 2000, also known as Jin Mao Tower, was completed in 1999. It was once the tallest building in Mainland China. It is located in the Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone by the Huangpu River in Pudong New District, Shanghai. It is the third tallest skyscraper in Shanghai. (As of 2015). Jin Mao Tower welcomes a maximum of 15,600 guests every day. Jin Mao Tower is adjacent to Shanghai’s landmark Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center and Shanghai Tower, opposite the Bund in Puxi. It is one of Shanghai’s most famous attractions and landmarks.

The building is a landmark of Shanghai. It is a multi-functional skyscraper that integrates modern office buildings, five-star hotels, convention and exhibition centers, entertainment, shopping malls and other facilities. It was designed by Adrian Smith, a former design partner of SOM Design in Chicago, USA. Jin Mao Tower is owned by Jin Mao Group. The daily maintenance cost of the building is RMB 1 million per day.

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