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Setting Up Your Own Poker Room

1 May 2024

When looking for entertainment with friends, playing poker games is a great way to have some competitive fun and learn a new skill. While many people now play poker online, setting up a poker room either at home or in a hired venue is a great idea for a games night or special occasion such as a birthday celebration.

Setting up your own poker room

If you are wanting to create the ultimate poker night, an evening that will be remembered by your guests for years to come, then there is a lot to think about. Setting up your own poker room will take some planning, creativity and knowledge of the game.

We take a look at everything that needs to be considered when getting ready for a poker game night with friends. From choosing the room décor, lighting and table setting to creating the perfect atmosphere with poker accessories.


First off, before you even purchase or borrow any furniture or equipment you are going to want to take a good look at the space you have to work with. The room you are going to use for your will likely need to undergo a big transformation to get it up to scratch. If you’re planning on playing your poker games online the task is a bit simpler, you’ll just need a big monitor and a comfortable chair.

If you’re playing at a table, you will likely need the table be the focal point and so it makes sense to clear space in the centre of the room for this. You will then need to make room for seating, lighting, a bar and sound system.

The room should be big enough to have capacity for the number of players you will be hosting, the space you have may well dictate how many people you choose to invite. Make note of where plug sockets are, in case you need to add in extension cables for lights, music speakers and any other electronics.

The poker table

The most important piece of furniture in your poker room will be the card table. If you have got the budget, you might want to consider getting a table specifically designed for poker with chip trays, card spaces and cup holders. Some tables will come with customisable features, allowing you to make adjustments depending on which variation of poker you are playing.

If you aren’t getting a purpose-built poker table then you can make do with a usual dining table by adding the right accessories. These include a green velveteen or suede table covering, which is important as it helps the cards slide seamlessly. Don’t forget your card decks and poker chips!


You will at least need enough chairs for the number of players that will be at the table at any one time. It is also a good idea to have some additional seating dotted around for people to relax between games.

Cluster seating together so guests can enjoy socialising and to create a casual, relaxed feel.


The correct lighting in a poker room is far more important than you might realise, it is essential to creating the right ambiance for the game. Dimmable overhead lights and lamps are ideal and warm tone bulbs are needed to create an intimate and inviting feel.

Lights should be bright enough to ensure visibility at the table but not so bright that they create glare on the cards. If you are playing in a room with lots of windows and natural light, you might need to consider adding in blinds if they aren’t there already.

Why not also add an LED lighting strip around the table to create a more luxurious feel?

Sound system and playlist

Just like lighting, sound is also important for the poker game ambiance. A powerful sound system with a good bass will help to give the room a casino like vibe. Background music should be enjoyable by not distracting from the events at the table.

You might have different playlists for during game time and before/after games are in session. A Bluetooth connected speaker will enable you to control the music from the convenience of your smartphone, meaning you can change tracks or adjust volume without interrupting the flow of a game.


A bar area will be appreciated by your guests as they will expect refreshments to be available. You may want to stock your bar with a range of spirits for mixing cocktails and have a mini fridge for lagers and soft drinks too.

Some light food will also go down a treat. You could provide some easy to grab snacks like crisps, nuts and popcorn. Alternatively, if you are getting catering then some light bites like tacos, mini burger sliders, nachos or vegetable platters could work.

When serving food, take into account your guests dietary preferences and any allergies or intolerances. Providing a good selection, such as meat free, gluten free and dairy free alternatives, and labelling all foods with their ingredients will help.

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