Repair or Replace my Roof myself

Can I repair or replace my roof myself?, Building roofers repair, Home roof maintenance advice

Can I Repair Or Replace My Roof Myself?

31 March 2023

Repair or Replace my Roof myself

Can I Repair Or Replace My Roof Myself?

With so many DIY websites popping around over the years, it’s easy to assume that you can replace or repair anything in your home by yourself, including your roof. However, even if you are a handy person, these DIY websites don’t cover many aspects that you will encounter.

If you have a roof problem, you should contact roof repair services in Portland to either replace or repair your roof. This way, you are guaranteed to have a proper roof above your head with warranties and the safety of knowing that someone is liable for the work conducted.

Here is what you should consider if you attempt to repair or replace your roof by yourself:

Insurance Issues

If you have insurance or a roof warranty, the moment you try to repair or do any modifications to your roof that result in damage is the moment you void your warranty, and you also don’t get insured for any damages you might suffer.

Roofs are slippery and high above the ground. One small mistake and you can end up in a hospital, and who knows how many out-of-pocket expenses you will have to endure then, not to mention the recovery period.

Based on what type of roof you have, you will certainly damage it without knowing what you are doing. For example, shingle roofs can get damaged if you walk on them. If those shingles get damaged during storms or even light rain seasons, your roof will be exposed to water damage as well because of the cracks.

Moisture and shade are the perfect combinations for mold to occur, and mold damages your roof even further. When you will contact a professional team of roofers to repair that damage, what will you tell them? If you have a warranty with them, they can easily determine that a falling branch didn’t cause the roof damage and void your warranty.

So, in the end, if something goes bad you aren’t protected by insurance, you lose your warranty, and you get to pay plenty of expenses both to repair your roof and to treat your injuries. If your injuries are severe, you might not even be able to go to work, which means lost wages as well.

Roof Inspection and Repair Issues

Apart from the fact that during your roof inspection, you are prone to injuries, especially if your roof is steep, how are you going to conduct the repair issues? Let’s say you find some missing shingles on your roof.

Replacing them isn’t rocket science indeed, however, can you determine what caused your shingles to be missing? Or, what is the extent of the water damage inside your roof due to the missing shingles? Simply replacing one or two shingles isn’t enough, as there might be extensive damage elsewhere, and each time you climb your roof to find out, you always expose yourself to the risk of slipping and falling.

This is also the case for other types of roof damage. No matter what you find damaged and try to fix, the real problem is understanding the issue and what damaged your roof. For example, in many instances, roof damage can be caused by improper ventilation.

Improper ventilation issues can lead to mold, deck rotting, or premature shingle aging. In other instances, an improper ventilation system can cause moisture in your attic, and the damage will also spread to other areas.

Not flashing your walls, chimneys, or valley properly can lead to leakage problems and further damage to your home. If you observe ceiling damage, can you determine if it’s related to structural damage or other issues?

Contact a Professional Roofing Contractor

These are just a couple of examples of how learning how to fix some issues doesn’t necessarily mean you fix them because roofs are complicated systems, and roofers undergo many years of training to use specialized equipment appropriately and understand what needs to be done to repair a roof and at what point it needs replacement.

All in all, although self-sufficiency is important, some issues are better left to the professionals. You have to weigh the pros and cons of doing it yourself and admit when it isn’t worth it.

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